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RE: Comprehensive Smoke-Free Workplace Law
by Karen Ramsey


June 25, 2004

Mr. Corr, thank you for your excellent letter. Of course, in an area such as I live in, you may get rebuttals from diehard smokers who refuse to believe statistics or those who fear their businesses will lose money if the same type of law were passed here. Those people enjoy cloaking their argument against such laws with the "freedom of choice" banner. They seem to have no understanding of how ridiculous that is. They say that there are plenty of places to work, eat, or be entertained, etc., etc., where smoking is not allowed, so what's the beef?

After going this past week to one restaurant because I wanted to socialize at an awards ceremony held there and another because I like the food there, I have had to leave more quickly than I would have liked because the smoke in the air began to hurt my throat. And, it doesn't take much. At the awards ceremony, there were very few smoking, but cigarette after cigarette after cigarette being smoked by just those few was more than enough to foul the air. In the other restaurant, it was just one smoker whose smoke became intolerable for me. My husband, who smokes, has taken to not smoking in restaurants where it is allowed because he is cognizant of the fact that smoke bothers many people. As for non-smoking sections, they are basically a joke.

Perhaps, as some feel, it is just a matter of time before those who choose to foul up their own bodies with tobacco smoke will not be allowed to do the same to innocent bystanders. I wish I felt more confidant that that day will arrive in the not-too-distant future here.

I recently read an article about Solana Beach in Southern California. The city has passed an ordinance against smoking on the beach after a group picked up about 6,000 cigarette butts in just 1 hour on a stretch of the beach. Smokers are generally quite uncaring as to how they discard their butts. What, do they think butts just disappear into thin air, or does tobacco smoke warp the brain, too? Maybe researchers should check that out.

Thank you,
Karen Ramsey
Ward Cove, AK - USA



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