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June 18, 2004


Front Page Photo courtesy of USCG Station Ketchikan

The Coast Guard rescued two California boaters from the life raft and the partially submerged, 40-foot sailing vessel Hayden Bay after the pair abandoned ship about 5:30 Wednesday morning 36 miles northwest of Ketchikan.
Front Page Photo Official U.S. Coast Guard photo courtesy Station Ketchikan



letter Recreation Center for White Cliff Plan by Tina Peckham - Ketchikan, AK - 06/18/04
letter Keeping our communities safe and healthy by Richard Mandsager, M.D. - AK - 06/18/04
letter Plan to spray pesticide by Linda Hansen - Ketchikan, AK - 06/18/04
letter RE: KGB Assembly, Just Say No by Brandi Conway - Ketchikan, AK - 06/18/04
letter CDC Reports Big Decline in High School Smoking, But Budget Cuts Threaten Continued Progress by Matthew L. Myers - Washington, DC - 06/18/04
letter RE: So Sue Me by Brandi Conway - Ketchikan, AK - 06/18/04
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Alaska: Summer Brings Tourists and Health Messages; More potential for Norovirus encourages agency coordination and lots of handwashing - Recently, more than 400 people aboard a cruise ship in Alaska became ill with Norovirus. With many more cruise ships expected in our communities throughout the summer, as well as thousands of other tourists arriving in Alaska by plane and automobile, the potential is high that we will see additional cases of Norovirus and other infectious diseases this summer.

The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Public Health, is coordinating with the CDC and other local, state and federal agencies to help ensure our communities are safe and healthy. State Public Health Nurses are available in most communities to advise local business owners and tourism industry workers on the proper precautions to take to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases like Norovirus. The State also coordinates with the U.S. Coast Guard, the State Emergency Coordination Center, Alaska State Troopers, in addition to local health care facilities and emergency workers in case additional assistance is needed caring for or transporting sick individuals to health care facilities. - Read more...
Friday - June 18, 2004

Alaska: Mammoths stranded on Bering Sea island delayed extinction - Woolly mammoths stranded on the Pribilofs provided the first record in the Americas of a mammoth population to have survived the Pleistocene. St. Paul, one of the five islands in the Bering Sea Pribilofs, was home to mammoths that survived the extinctions that wiped out mainland and other Bering Sea island mammoth populations.

In an article in the June 17, 2004 edition of the journal Nature, R. Dale Guthrie, professor emeritus at the Institute of Arctic Biology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, says that when mammoths on the mainland of Alaska and other Bering Sea islands died out during the extinctions at the end of the Pleistocene era (about 11,000 years ago) those on the Pribilofs survived and new radiocarbon dates show how. - Read more...
Friday - June 18, 2004

Alaska: Governor Signs Five More Bills Into Law - Governor Frank Murkowski signed into law five new bills Thursday, following remarks at a Fairbanks Rotary luncheon. - Read more...
Friday - June 18, 2004

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photosAlaska's Deepwater Highway; A part of Alaska history - When the first Alaska state ferry sailed northbound through the Inside Passage of Alaska on its maiden voyage in January of 1963, there was rejoicing along the entire route from Ketchikan to Haines at the head of Lynn Canal! At last! Cars and even trucks and vans could now travel to and from isolated island-bound towns all along the 450-mile length of Southeastern Alaska's Panhandle. At either end they could roll off the ferry's ramp onto terra firma, connected to road systems north or south! The roadless towns of the famed Inside Passage finally had a "highway" from Prince Rupert B.C. to Haines, Alaska - even if it happened to be paved with salt water and used marine charts instead of road maps. - Read the rest of this story by June Allen...
Friday - May 28, 2004

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