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RE: So Sue Me
by Brandi Conway


June 18, 2004

Mr. Hoff Jr., thank you for informing me on what I want. I wasn't aware that I didn't want trees cut down from the Tongass National Forest. See, I actually think the opposite. I believe we should log more. Of course I do believe in replanting new trees in the area. I have been told that sometimes over-growth of trees isn't as good as you all think. I would like to ask you Mr. Hoff, why should anyone who doesn't think like you have to relocate? I am an Alaska native, so this is coming from someone who has roots here going back to the time Russia owned Alaska and beyond. I am sorry and just as upset about the pollution of Ward Cove. I think that someone let the ball drop on that one. I am not sure if I am mistaken that some government group should have been there almost from the beginning to ensure that no pollution would happen or to help the company find a way so it wouldn't.

I take to heart about what you say about people in logging should go elsewhere, for that is what my sister's family did. Remember she is from a family who has been part of Ketchikan for many generations and is also native (I think your small Indian village is an unrealistic dream.)

Would you also give up electricity, phones, heat, internet, all the fringe benefits of being a city and not a village? I also guess you have not had family who worked at the mill at all? I sure did, my father, an aunt, uncles, cousins, brother-in-laws, and friends. So when you tear apart a company, that same company help put food on our table, clothes on our backs, a roof over our heads - you catch my drift I am sure. Oh yeah. when I say "ours" I am only speaking of my family so don't think I am trying to speak on behalf of others.

I am pretty disappointed to see where Ketchikan has gone, I mean our main industry or only real industry is tourism. I guess that is good for the people who own the shops down town or anyone directly involved with tourism. I know I just made a lot of people mad with that comment so please just hear me out. After the short tourist season is over please tell me what is left downtown? Not a whole lot I tell you but a few business and a bunch of boarded up buildings that have closed down till next season. I also want to know how many jewelry stores does this town really need?

Back when we had logging and real fishing industry in the days before the environmental groups made it next to impossible to keep in that business, there use to be a real downtown area. Life was much better before the environmentalist put their noses where they didn't belong. I mean really do they actually care 100% about the environment? If so I take it they walk to work, and do not use auto transportation (air pollution), what about electricity? I do believe that has some pollutants of its own. I also take it that they don't use a cell phone, or computer - all bad in some way to our environment. Hmm I wonder if any of them eat fish, or use stationary, and I sure hope they don't use toilet paper (cause we all know where that comes from).

In my opinion they just need to stay away and stop disrupting the lives of the people here. I mean before you know it they will camp out in front of our houses because we use Charmin and some environmentally safe toilet paper, hmm (never mind my next comment, it would be funny but not tasteful).

I will finish my ranting here... take care to all who agree..and also to the ones who don't. Oh by the way please don't sue me for I do care.

Brandi Conway
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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