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RE: KGB Assembly, Just Say No
by Brandi Conway


June 18, 2004

I totally agree with you on this one Joseph. I don't know what the Borough is thinking in putting ADFY on the cutting list. I guess the welfare of our community and its youth really are not a top priority for the Assembly. Makes you wonder what is of importance to them.

I was wondering with all the tax raises we have been having over the years, why hasn't it worked to keep us at a positive budget? Why is it we keep going into the hole? You would think that raising taxes once would be enough. Maybe it's time for a audit to find out where our tax dollars are going. I was also thinking that it's for a whole new crew of borough assembly members. With the exception of Roy Eckert, I have heard he at least has the interest of the community at heart.

I was also thinking if the Borough is really strapped for money rather than cutting such important programs such as Alaska For Drug Free Youth, why don't the Borough Assembly members take a pay cut? I already know that they make pretty good money, maybe more then one should. Oh well, this is all just my opinion. I wonder does anyone else agree at all?

Brandi Conway
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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