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Plan to spray pesticide
by Linda Hansen


June 18, 2004

This has to be one of the most ridiculous thing that I have ever hear yet. To spray something that is going to kill off not only our nature - such as the salmon berries, blueberry's huckleberries, ect. that we have loved and eaten for all our lives - not only us but the animals that live in these parts. What about the Devils club that natives still use for healing purposes? Who knows where the spray is going to land. What about the water? Alaska prides in having the best fresh water ever, the fish, and other nature animals around. And what if there are campers or boaters in the area? Are they going to be sprayed and become sick? Who will be willing to pay all the medical and funeral bills on that? What about the surrounding areas? You know that people live around this area. And what about the children?

Who ever had this idea must have been out of their mind and I hope that Alaskans all over the state, and some that aren't in the state that love Alaska as much as we do, write letters too.

What is the purpose of spraying these lands anyway? I thought that everyone wanted Alaska not to be logged and to preserve our environment. Well of course, again this in my own opinion.

Linda Hansen
Ketchikan, AK - USA



Public Input on Pesticide Regulations Urged by Senator Ellis



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