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Soldiers' Angels
by Tim Droke


June 25, 2004

During WWII the citizens of the United States were asked to make many sacrifices with many products and foodstuffs being rationed. In this day and age in the war on terror, we really haven't had to make any sacrifices unless your loved one is in Iraq or Afghanistan.

That is why I feel it is important to get the word out about a non profit organization called Soldiers' Angels. Just imagine a group of soldiers waiting to get a letter or a care package from home and never hearing their name called while all around them everyone else is opening letters and packages. Then imagine you can make a difference! Soldiers' Angels will help you, your organization or business "adopt" a soldier who is overseas and alone get letters or a care package. They need the simple things carmex, deodorant, snacks - and the hot item baby wipes! Soldiers Angels will get the items overseas for you, I implore all who can to make a difference in a soldier's life by visiting even if you are against the war.

Tim Droke
Mesa, AZ - USA



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