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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska

September 12, 2005

The personnel of C-Shift raised the flag Sunday in honor of those who lost their lives during the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the crash of United Airlines Flight 93 in Pennsylvania. Among the dead are 343 New York firefighters and 75 police officers.
Front Page Photo by Dave Hull

National: Black-and-blue Brown: Disaster point man quits By M.E. SPRENGELMEYER - As criticism of him grew last week, Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Mike Brown sent a candid e-mail to family and friends.

"I don't mind the negative press (well, actually, I do, but I try to ignore it) but it is really wearing out the family," Brown wrote. "No wonder people don't go into public service. This country is devouring itself, the 24-hour news cycle is numbing our ability to think for ourselves."

On Friday, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff sent Brown back to FEMA headquarters in Washington, D.C., and put Coast Guard Vice Adm. Thad W. Allen in charge of Hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Brown resigned Monday, saying it was in the best interest of the agency and the president. - More...
Monday - September 12, 2005

National: Roberts to face star-studded cast of inquisitors By CAROLYN LOCHHEAD - Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee John Roberts opened Monday in the grand Beaux Arts Caucus Room of the Senate's Russell Building, site of some of the 20th century's most historic hearings: on the sinking of the Titanic in 1912, the Vietnam War in 1966, Watergate in 1973 and the 1991 nomination of Justice Clarence Thomas, who famously denounced the hearing as a "high-tech lynching" when Anita Hill leveled charges of sexual harassment. - More...
Monday - September 12, 2005

National: Legal terms senators likely will ask Roberts about By MICHAEL MCGOUGH - The confirmation hearings for chief justice nominee John Roberts that began Monday are likely to feature as much legal lingo as a law-school seminar. Here's a viewer's guide to legal terms, federal statutes and court decisions likely to be mentioned during the hearings.

- Abrogation (of sovereign immunity). Under the 11th Amendment, a state may not be sued in federal court by a citizen of another state - a prohibition that the Supreme Court later extended to suits by a citizen against his own state. But Congress may override or "abrogate" that immunity if it amasses evidence convincing to the high court that state governments are violating the 14th Amendment's guarantee of "due process of law" and "equal protection' of the laws." - More...
Monday - September 12, 2005

National: Airlift saves stranded animals from floodwaters By TODD WALLACK - Animal lovers have organized a major airlift of cats and dogs orphaned by Hurricane Katrina.

The first group of nervous and weary travelers left Baton Rouge, La., on Sunday on a chartered Continental Airlines plane. The plane flew first to San Diego, where it dropped off 50 dogs, and then to San Francisco International Airport, where it delivered 30 pooches and 20 kittens, said officials from the Marin, Calif., Humane Society, which is helping shelter the animals. - More...
Monday - September 12, 2005

Front Page Photo by Dave McNary

Progress Made On M/V Stikine Construction
Front Page Photo By Dave McNary

PhotosKetchikan - POW: Progress Made On M/V Stikine Construction Photos By DAVE MCNARY - Good progress in underway with the new ferry, the M/V Stikine, reports Dave McNary. McNary who lives on Prince of Wales in Southeast Alaska was in Anacortes, Washington in August and visited the Dakota Creek Shipyard where the new ferry is being built.

McNary has built 26 steel boats up to 135 feet and is familiar with the construction process. He said the construction is taking place on modules while the entire deck and superstructure is being built inside a large building.

All the materials come to Dakota Creek pre-cut and primered from the steel supplier said McNary. The steel supplier gets their data from the boats designer and with that data they are able to feed that data into computerized steel cutting machines that make the parts. - More...
Monday - September 12, 2005

Class of '65 Reunion

Kayhi Class of 1965 Reunion

PhotosKetchikan: Kayhi Class of 1965 Reunion by LOUISE BRINCK HARRINGTON , class of '65 With help and photos from Bob Caldwell, Bill Hollywood, Judy (Hopkins) Guyette, Charlene (Loomis) Taggart, Anne Lucas and Lynn (Leding) Svenson, all class of '65 - Forty years? FORTY years?

Yep, it's hard to believe!

Geez, where in heck's the time gone?

The Kayhi Class of 1965 celebrated its 40-year Reunion over the Fourth-of-July weekend.

Festivities began with a July 1st get-reacquainted party at the Moose Club where beer and wine flowed-and so did conversation. D' you remember? Aren't you? Where's so-and-so?

Pictures from high school and old yearbooks rejuvenated rusty brain cells and brought back ancient memories. - More...
Monday - September 12, 2005



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letter The Hurricane Katrina Blame Game Again! By Mark Neckameyer - Monday
letter Evolution vs. Intelligent design By Weston Davis - Monday
letter This can be our finest moment By Norma Brown - Monday
letter Price Gouging Legal Defense Fund helps in disasters By Rex Curry - Monday
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Fish Factor

Laine Welch: Katrina: Alaska seafood groups rally to help counterparts - Seafood groups all across the nation are rallying to help their counterparts in areas ravaged by hurricane Katrina. In Alaska, efforts began almost immediately when more than 30 major seafood processors began donating canned and pouched products via Sea Share, the "bycatch to food banks" network formed by Bering Sea fishing companies in 1993. Sea Share coordinates distribution through America's Second Harvest food bank network directly where relief is needed most. The Sea Share companies include members of the At-sea Processors Association, Pacific Seafood Processors Association and others throughout Alaska and the North Pacific, said director Tuck Donnelly.

"Right now we are struggling with a limited amount of cold storage, so we've been asking for and receiving truckloads of products that don't need refrigeration," Donnelly said, estimating that more than 160,000 pounds of canned and pouched seafood were donated within just a few days after Katrina clobbered Louisiana and Mississippi. Donnelly said Sea Share also is organizing distribution of frozen seafood products. ""It's going to be a long term need, and we will continue to donate and deliver food directly to the Gulf region for as long as it takes," he said. - More...
Monday - September 12, 2005

Columns - Commentary

Steve Brewer: Employees get chubby on the job - Your job might be making you fat.

If you sit at a desk much of the day, then you're more likely to end up obese, according to a new study from Australia.

Before you dismiss this as more tripe from overseas, consider this: Australians know something about obesity. During the 1990s there was a 28 percent increase in the number of overweight people Down Under. Now, 58 percent of Aussie men and 42 percent of women are overweight. - More...
Monday - September 12, 2005

Star Parker: How, in the Katrina debate, can we be talking about racism? - "The charges of racism-inspired foot-dragging isn't just nonsense. It's pernicious nonsense."

This is how the New York Daily News called it regarding charges, from the usual circle of black leaders, that the rescue efforts in New Orleans were slow because the victims were black. The Daily News is right. Except it's even worse than the paper appreciates. - More...
Monday - September 12, 2005

Stan Cox: The richest inheritance is already free of taxes - The Senate has before it a bill to permanently eliminate the federal estate tax. The bill would benefit about 1 percent of taxpayers.

Since Hurricane Katrina, prospects for the bill have dimmed because of its projected cost to the federal budget, but the issue of whether to eliminate the tax will undoubtedly return. - More...
Monday - September 12, 2005

Bonnie Erbe: Hurricane's impact on animals - We may be a nation divided politically, but one thing that unites Americans is our "pitch in" spirit. No matter our political leanings, we toss differences aside and help others stranded during emergencies.

The stories pouring out of Louisiana and Mississippi during these past weeks are riveting. Americans leaving their families and taking unpaid leave from their jobs to help out by traveling thousands of miles with donated food, clothes, and sleeping bags. This resolve is a patriotic gem we should polish, hold high and treasure. - More...
Monday - September 12, 2005

James Glassman: How to rebuild a great city - With rescue and evacuation nearly complete and the broth being sucked out of the bowl of toxic soup, it's time to stop the finger pointing and the politicizing and start thinking about how to rebuild New Orleans.

"Of course it has to be rebuilt. And protected," wrote Jack Davis a week ago. Davis is currently publisher of the Hartford Courant and formerly my partner in launching an alternative weekly newspaper in New Orleans in 1972. Our paper, thanks mainly to Jack, energized the movement to preserve the city's historic gems. - More...
Monday - September 12, 2005

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