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Price Gouging Legal Defense Fund helps in disasters
By Rex Curry


September 12, 2005

A new Legal Defense Fund fights laws that ban price gouging during disasters such as the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The Pro Price Gouging Legal Defense Fund (PPGLDF) provides aid to people who are harassed or charged under anti-gouging laws. News media are asked to inform the public that pro bono help is available to buyers or sellers whenever law enforcement interferes with their commerce.

Criminal defense lawyers are organizing to end shortages caused by the laws and to restore a libertarian laissez-faire economy. The laws frighten citizens from offering goods and services to disaster victims, and the laws frighten disaster victims from negotiating for needed goods and services.

The PPGLDF was inspired by my personal experiences with anti-gouging laws after recent hurricanes in Florida. I am also a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and I help to educate my colleagues about so-called "price gouging."

Florida's Attorney General Charlie Crist created gas shortages. After Katrina, Crist created a fear of accusation that caused stations to stop selling gasoline that was on hand. Crist created misery and suffering. His behavior could have killed people.

Anti-gouging laws are another example of how the USA's police state is growing. The anti-gouging mentality causes shortages, suffering, poverty and deaths as it did in the former USSR (62 million dead) and the Peoples' Republic of China (35 million dead).

Yours in liberty,

Rex Curry
Attorney At Law
Tampa, FL - USA



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