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This can be our finest moment
By Norma Brown


September 12, 2005

Mr. Weston Davis in his 9-8-05 post states "I wish someone reporting about the hurricane would mention the fact, that again and again it's been shown, that human stupidity transcends the boundaries of race and social class."

Hierar: Yes it does Mr Davis, as is so clearly demonstrated in your post. Commenting on the cognitive deficiencies of humanity at a time of catastrophic dammage, upheaval and loss fails to reflect the nobility of spirit which humanity can arise to, in such moments. Fortunately millions of Americans are displaying that this can be our finest moment. Join us.

Mr Weston goes on to state" We need to teach the next generation how to step up and take responsibility for their lives, and not to create a new population of "Professional victims."

Hierar: Yes we do Mr Weston. However your commentary is inappropriate given the horrific situation of loss, death and displacement. You offer a opinion from the security of one sitting securely in a home, warm and fed. It is the narcissistic detachment and callousness which comes from one who is not suffering. Americans such as yourself, who have the need to criticise and engage in a diatribe of moral righteousness, at the victims, who have lost every thing they own need to examine their souls'. Even better would be for those such as your selves, to pack some bags and go down to the ravaged areas and volunteer. Let us see if you can manefest in your deeds the supremacy that you exhibit in your speech. Why not provide the living example, on site, of "how to teach the next generation how to take reponsibility..." I promise you I will pay for your plane ticket, round trip. Perhaps Sitnews can accompany you for a magnificent life encounter. It would make for good print. I challe!
nge you.

Yours truly, in the city of 9-11

Norma Brown
New York, NY - USA



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