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Evolution vs. Intelligent design
By Weston Davis


September 12, 2005

I guess I'm just having a little trouble understanding the issue. Are these people so insecure in their faith, that they get some kind of reassurance out of hearing their children parrot back their dogma by wrote? What would be wrong with giving them the tools to make their own decisions based on logic and good sense? Since when is school about which form of brainwashing is best? Intelligent design, and Evolution are both theories, but that's not the point. Who ever said that science and faith were on opposite sides of the coin? In my experience, the people who spend their lives studying, and are in awe of the world around us, are often the most spiritual.

It seems to me to be a strange sort of madness, to force a child to decide between one truth and another, when they haven't even found out who they are in the world.

Instead, shouldn't we be teaching them tolerance, and to trust their own intelligence? Which I believe to be the greatest gift we have been given.

Weston Davis
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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