Ketchikan Katrina
Hurricane Relief Effort


Community 'potluck food fair' Concert
Ted Ferry Civic Center
Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005
6-10 pm

`Dixieland Jazz - Southern Gospel - Big-band` music
Prayer - testimony - lots of food - Silent Auction

Tickets $25/person suggested donation.


Silent Auction Items
as of 09/21/05

Tall Tale Taxidermy: Alpaca Fur Teddy Bear $69.00

Tall Tale Taxidermy: Tibetian Lambs Fur Puppy Dog - $99.00

Rhonda Erickson: Creative Memories Scrapbooking Basket - $100.00

Cheri and Clint Peavey: Crocheted Item $45.00

Harriet and Greg Zerbetz: Fabulous Heart Shaped Hat Box -$53.00

Norman Erickson: Xtreme Sound 10 CD Disc Changer w/remote - $120.00

Hometown Furniture - Gift Cert - $50.00

Promech Air - Gift Cert: Misty Fjords for 2 - $400.00

Napa Auto Parts: 115 Piece Tool Set - value unknown at this time

Marty Gilliland: Ketchikan Pulp Mill Print by Dick Miller - $200.00

Petro Alaska: Gift Cert for Lube and Oil - $60.00

Heavenly Creations: Gift Basket - $60.00

Business Computer Systems: Six 17 Inch CTL Computer Monitors - $159.00 each

Trinkets: Gift Certificate - $50.00

David Green Furier: Mink Teddy Bear - $35.00

KetchiCandies: 3 Lb Chocolate Assortment - $45.00

Lumberjack Show: 2 Sweatshirts - $40.00 each

Madison's Hardware: Hanging Lounge Chair - $498.00

Ketchikan Veterinary Clinic: 40 LB bag, Science Diet Dog Food - $39.95

Stenfjords Hallmark: Album, Candles, Hall of Fame Movie - $55.00

My Sister's Place:Collectors edition Snow Baby Doll - $80.00

My Sister's Place: Red Hat w/hat stand - $100.00

Alaska Glass & Supply: Wall Mirror - $350.00

Kristina Townsend & Assoc: Makeup and Fragrances Basket - $250.00

Alaskan Heritage: Gemstone Globe - $120.00

Carribean Gems: Mother of Pearl Elephant Pendant with 14 KT Gold and Ruby amount; $100.00

Gold Rush Jewelers: Gold and Larimar Bracelet - $450.00

Alaska Fur Gallery: Cashmere Pashmina w/Fox Fur Trim - $125.00

Paradise Jewelers: Sterling Chain w/Whale Tail - $25.00

Eurasia Jewelers: Collectible Porcelain Baby on Sunflower - $33.00

Royal Creations: Filigree Jeweled Egg Box - $50.00

Royal Treasures: Sterling & Opal Necklace/Earrings - $110.00

Stephanie Hardy GJG: Sterling Dragonfly Glass Bead Necklace - $65.00

Stephanie Hardy GJG: Gold Filled Italian Glass Bead Necklace - $25.00

Omni Jewelers: 5 Topaz Rings yel/wht gold - $75.00 Each

Del Sol: Color Change Polo Shirt & Ball Cap Set - $60.00

Del Sol: Color Change T Shirt - $26.00

Crazy Wolf: 8 Inch Dance Drum by Ken Decker - $190.00

Effy Collections: Blue Topaz & Amethyst Wht Gold Necklace - $349.00

Effy Collections: Print Scarf - $100.00

Regina Foreman: Misty Fjords Cruise for 2 - $278.00

Lighthouse Excursions: Lighthouse Excursion Cruise for Five - $425.00

Lighthouse Excursions: Lifetime Membership to Guard Island Heritage Inc w/ Brenda Schwartz Print; "Guard Island" - $25.00

Lighthouse Marine: Two Pro-Top Boat Tops - $180.00 each

Lynn Brennfleck: color pencil sketch "Coming Through" - $35.00

Northshore Gardens: Two Gift Certificates - $50.00 each


Buy your tickets now.

Ten bands and musical groups for entertainment and a silent auction for bargains galore. Lots of great food, beverage and dessert potluck awaite you.

Almost every cafe and restaurant in town is preparing and delivering food.

Your dessert will make the event extra special. Mark your calendar, make a dessert and don't forget your checkbook for the silent auction.

We still need volunteers. E-mail:

Katrina Relief Tickets are now on sale. Purchase your tickets at the following locations:

McPherson's Music
The Edge
Dave's Red Anchor
Soho Coho

$25 per person is the donation price.

The event is set for Saturday, Sept. 24th at the Ted Ferry Civic Center from 6 PM till 10 PM.


Thank You

Thank you City Council for donating the Ted Ferry Civic Center for the Katrina Hurricane Relief Effort Fund Raising Event. It is now scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 24 from 6 PM till 10 PM.

This event will be the culmination of three weeks of intensive fund raising with the proceeds being split equally among Operation Blessing International, The Red Cross and The Salvation Army. Thank you Susan, CEO of Tongass Federal Credit Union for collecting and dispursing funds at no costs. Please make checks out to "Katrina Relief Fund". I want to thank in advance the many volunteers who will step forward and help Ketchikan open their hearts and pocketbooks in a giving effort that will exceed our expectations. Please search yourself and see if you can be on the front line of this effort over the next three weeks.

We currently need chairs & co-chars for the following areas: Food - Entertainment - Publicity - Collections! - Ticket takers - Treasurer - Clean up - Sound systems and other?

Those of you willing to help, please email or phone me, Rob Holston @ 617-2262 - If you email me, I will reply with an attachment detailing the plan thus far. Thanks for your prayers and support.

Rob Holston




Community wide fund raising proceeds go to:

Operation Blessing International 1/3
Red Cross 1/3
Salvation Army 1/3

Donation containers placed in downtown business locations for cash. Tongass Federal Credit Union will bank and dispense funds.

Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005 -- 6-10 pm

Community 'potluck food fair' Concert - Ted Ferry Civic Center
This is the First "cruise ship free" Saturday of the season.
`Dixieland Jazz - Southern Gospel - Big-band` music
Prayer - testimony - lots of food

Tickets $25/person suggested donation.

Volunteers needed to sell blocks of tickets to business owners.

"The concert on the 24th would be the culmination of this community wide fund raising event."

We need chair people or co-chairs for:

Ticket sales
Ticket takers
Clean up
Internet Duplication

Please contact Rob Holston to volunteer or with your ideas:

Rob Holston -
Fax 247-6919
Cell 617-2262



To: Ketchikan Business owners and service clubs and agencies
Fr: Rob Holston
Re: Katrina Relief Fund

To mobilize a relief effort quickly takes a lot of people willing to do a small amount. One of our first steps is to place a couple hundred collection containers in businesses and places of employment island wide. One person per location should be responsible for depositing the funds collected into the KATRINA RELIEF FUND at the Tongass Federal Credit Union. This effort places a calling on the hearts of potential givers as they shop and go about their daily lives over the next three weeks. The attached KATRINA RELIEF FUND poster can be emailed &/or copied off and then taped to the front of collection jars. Please make this opportunity available to your employees or members and designate a person for collections & deposits.

Secondly: Consider if your business or organization can contribute in some special way over the next three weeks.

Third: Please share KETCHIKAN KATRINA RELIEF EFFORT - THE PLAN - with your employees/members. The City of Ketchikan has graciously provided the Ted Ferry Civic Center for a culmination event on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2005 from 6-10 PM. Dixieland Jazz - Southern Gospel & Big Band music along with a potluck food fair will culminate our community's 3 week fund raising efforts. Please consider purchasing blocks of tickets at $25 each for this evening of music, food, prayer, testimony and celebration.

Thanks for whatever and however you can support this effort.

Rob Holston
Cell 617-2262



pdf Download a Ketchikan Katrina Hurricane Relief Effort poster



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