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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska

Front Page Photo by Dick Kauffman

Ketchikan Man Wins Car
Rob Skinner, owner of Lewis Motors, congratulates Charlie Shedlosky.
Front Page Photo By Dick Kauffman

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photosKetchikan: Ketchikan Man Wins Car By DICK KAUFFMAN- Charlie Shedlosky the winner of the Junior Olympic Softball fund raiser raffle was presented the keys to a new 2005 Chevrolet Aveo Tuesday afternoon at Lewis Motors in Ketchikan. - More...
Wednesday - June 29, 2005

photosNational: Will Bush's answers be enough to regain footing? By DAVID WESTPHAL - He acknowledged Americans' fears about the war. He empathized with their frustrations about seemingly endless suicide bombings.

But with his political clout on the line, President Bush drew a line in the sand Tuesday night about the war in Iraq, warning that a hasty exit from the bloody insurgency would amount to waving a white flag in the face of Osama bin Ladin and the cause of terrorism. - More...
Wednesday - June 29, 2005

National: Dems call on Bush to offer more specifics on Iraq By LAWRENCE M. O'ROURKE - While critical of President Bush's handling of the Iraq war, leading Democrats Tuesday stopped short of demanding immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from the war zone or even a timetable for cutting back combat operations.

Speaking on Capitol Hill before the president's speech on Iraq at Fort Bragg, N.C., Democrats called for a U.S. strategy that would hasten the day that Iraqis can assume responsibility for their own security. - More...
Wednesday - June 29, 2005

Alaska - Canada: Wildfires major source of air pollution, study says By LEE BOWMAN - Wildfires that burned more than 11 million acres of Alaska and Canada last summer put about as much carbon monoxide into the atmosphere as did tailpipes and smokestacks in the United States during the same period, according to a new study.

Researchers from the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo., used a combination of airborne and satellite instruments, computer models and numerical techniques that allowed them to sort out carbon monoxide coming from the wildfires and other sources. - More...
Wednesday - June 29, 2005

National: Al-Jazeera ends plan for Arizona border report By C.J. KARAMARGIN and MICHAEL MARIZCO - The Arab television network Al-Jazeera pulled the plug Monday on a series of news reports about the Arizona-Mexico border amid criticism that the information could help terrorists slip into the United States.

Al-Jazeera planned to launch the series this week with coverage of a Phoenix rally by the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, a volunteer civilian border-watch group that has attracted international media attention. - More...
Wednesday - June 29, 2005

Front Page Photo by Harry Martin Jr.

'Friendly Deer'
Front Page Photo by Harry Martin Jr.

National: Congressman lashes Bush administration over immigration By BILL STRAUB - A Colorado congressman is accusing the administration of trying to hide documents showing that President Bush sparked a surge in illegal immigration last year by proposing a guest-worker program.

The documents - obtained by the public-interest group Judicial Watch through Freedom of Information Act requests - show that aliens crossing America's southern border in the weeks after the president's Jan. 7, 2004, announcement interpreted his proposal as a general amnesty, said Rep. Tom Tancredo, a Republican and chairman of the Congressional Immigration Reform Caucus. - More...
Wednesday - June 29, 2005

Alaska: Governor Signs Budget Bills to Invest Windfall in Alaska; More money for K-12 schools, aggressive infrastructure agenda - Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski signed the state's operating and capital budget bills at a ceremony in Anchorage Tuesday, investing part of the state's unanticipated $1 billion Fiscal Year 2005 oil windfall in K-12 schools and needed infrastructure around the state.- More...
Wednesday - June 29, 2005

Alaska: Final Kensington Permit Issued Project can now move forward - Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski today praised the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for issuing a water discharge permit for the Kensington Gold Project north of Juneau. The EPA National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit is the last major permit required by the mine. - More...
Wednesday - June 29, 2005

Boat Fire...

Coast Guard assists during Ketchikan boat fire
Petty Officer James Formosa stands ready on the bow of a Coast Guard 47-foot motor life boat to provide cooling water in in case of a personal emergency during a boat fire in Thomas Basin, Ketchikan Monday. The Coast Guard crew assisted the Ketchikan Fire Department and provided security.
Photo courtesy U.S.C.G.

Ketchikan: Magnuson-Stevens Act Reauthorization Stakeholder Input Meetings Scheduled in Ketchikan and Kodiak - In order to access the expertise of Alaskans knowledgeable about federal fisheries issues, the State of Alaska will hold meetings in Ketchikan and Kodiak.  They are being held on the same days that the House Resources Subcommittee on Fisheries and Oceans is holding oversight hearings in those same communities. - More...
Wednesday - June 29, 2005

Ketchikan: LOCAL FAMILIES NEEDED FOR EXCHANGE STUDENTS - ASSE International Student Exchange Programs is seeking local host families for boys and girls from a variety of countries around the world. These students are 15 to 18 years of age, and are coming to this area for the upcoming high school year or semester. These personable and academically select exchange students have good English, are bright, curious and anxious to learn about the USA by living as part of your family, attending high school and sharing their own culture and language with you. - More...
Wednesday - June 29, 2005

audioKetchikan: Listen to this KRBD story... Despite concerns over poor evaluation scores, the Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly Monday night voted down a motion to fire Borough Manager Roy Eckert. As Deanna Garrison reports, the Assembly decided instead to form a committee to develop a plan for improvement for the manager.
KRBD - Ketchikan Public Radio - Web posted Tuesday PM - June 28, 2005

audioKetchikan: Listen to this KRBD story... The Ketchikan Gateway Borough Assembly Monday night voted to proceed with plans to expand the Borough. As Deanna Garrison reports, the Assembly opted in favor of an incremental approach to annexing the communities of Meyers Chuck and Hyder.
KRBD - Ketchikan Public Radio - Web posted Tuesday PM - June 28, 2005



letter AX Thrower By Karen S. Hollywood - Wednesday
letter Kids afoot or abike on road By M.I. Henrikson - Wednesday
letter Ketchikan Roads By Charles Moon - Wednesday
letter Astounding By Glen Thompson - Wednesday
letter Transportation From Airport By Wieslaw Czajkowski - Wednesday
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Columns - Commentary

Dick Morris: Wake Up, Mr. President: Every Day Is Election Day - One of the fortunate ways in which this Bush is better than his father is his commitment to winning the presidency and then to getting reelected. While the father seemed to regard politics as an unpleasant duty and saw campaigning as something one had to do every four years, like it or not, the son appeared to revel in meeting the voters and making his case to the people.

His determination in holding fast to his policies while aggressively persuading the nation that they were the right ones was a welcome surprise after his father's ambivalence about taking to the stump. - More...
Wednesday - June 29, 2005

Dan Thomasson: Wal-Mart reshapes America - Small towns and cities across America were the backbone of the country's virile economy of goods and services. In my own hometown of 12,000 when I was growing up, thriving businesses included local and chain department stores, men's and women's shops, a dozen drug stores, supermarkets and grocery stores and a wide variety of others from auto and hardware to furniture stores.

Now these things still can be bought in my town and hundreds of others like it across the land, but only from one place - Wal-Mart. - More...
Wednesday - June 29, 2005

Bob Ciminel: Recycling for Profit and Preservation - Given my fondness for railroads, I was pleased to learn that two railroads with which I am intimately familiar are now associated with major recycling projects. One project will resurrect a recently abandoned rail line that connects with the Blue Ridge Scenic Railroad tourist operation in the North Georgia Mountains, where I've volunteered as brakeman and conductor since 1998. Another project involves an abandoned railroad that operated in the southern suburbs of my former hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, the project will not resurrect the railroad because the right-f-way was converted into a Rails-to-Trails project soon after abandonment. - More...
Wednesday - June 29, 2005

Preston MacDougall: Chemical Eye on a Natural High - Life is good. Sometimes life is very good. And then there are those moments when, oh man!, life is almost too good.

I am not referring to the elation that Steve Miller must have been experiencing when he wrote "High On You Mama," after all, he was a self-confessed "joker, smoker and midnight toker." - More...
Wednesday - June 29, 2005

Edward Achorn: Court ruling undermines property rights - Half a century ago, H.L. Mencken observed of American judges: "No one can be sure anymore that in a given case they will uphold even the plainest mandate of the Constitution. On the contrary, everyone begins to be more or less convinced in advance that they won't. Judges are chosen not because they know the Constitution and are in favor of it, but precisely because they appear to be against it." - More...
Wednesday - June 29, 2005

Clifford May: No such thing as experienced suicide bomber - There is no such thing as an experienced suicide bomber.

This insight seems to have eluded the Central Intelligence Agency. A few days ago a classified CIA report was leaked to the media. It put forward the frightening "assessment" that terrorists in Iraq are developing greater skills than those who learned their trade in Afghanistan under Taliban/al Qaeda rule in the 1990s. - More...
Wednesday - June 29, 2005

Dale McFeatters: Recruiters in the schools - A little-noticed provision - little-noticed because we were not yet at war in Iraq - in the 2002 No Child Left Behind law required schools to provide military recruiters with the names and addresses of their students.

Now we are at war and that, plus a strong economy, is causing the Army and Marines to have problems attracting sufficient recruits. The Army is 16 percent below this year's target for active duty and 21 percent behind for the reserves, while the Marines are down 2 percent. - More...
Wednesday - June 29, 2005

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