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Final Kensington Permit Issued Project can now move forward


June 29, 2005

Alaska Governor Frank H. Murkowski today praised the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for issuing a water discharge permit for the Kensington Gold Project north of Juneau. The EPA National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit is the last major permit required by the mine.

"This project has undergone extensive environmental reviews. It is now moving forward, thanks to the efforts of our state team and our federal partners," said the governor. "The issuance of this permit is yet another example of how our natural resources can be developed, while protecting our environment. It demonstrates this administration's commitment to responsible natural resource development ­ as the foundation for developing a sustainable economy for Alaskans, now and in the future."

Construction of the mine and ancillary facilities will provide 300 high-paying construction jobs for Southeast Alaska and provide an estimated payroll of up to $16 million. When in operation, the mine will provide 200 direct and 180 indirect jobs.

"I am committed to jobs and careers for Alaskans, made possible by the development of our abundant resources," said Murkowski. "Alaska is moving forward ­ and it is because of private companies willing to invest in Alaska, a state permit climate that is finally streamlined and efficient, and the cooperation of our state and federal permitting agencies."

Murkowski noted that the state has gone through a systematic process of reviewing and streamlining permitting, through legislation and regulation. He also noted the commitment by Coeur Alaska to achieve the highest practical standards for the design, operation, and final closure of the Kensington gold project as evidence of the state's high standards for modern mining projects. Since 1987, Coeur Alaska has performed over 900 environmental studies at a cost of over $25 million.



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