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AX Thrower
By Karen S. Hollywood


June 29, 2005

About Kristen Thweatt throwing an ax at a target for 4 minutes on the forth- what is the problem? 

If these summer celebrations and festivals are to be enjoyed by everyone (NOT just the tourists), then why can't everyone participate in them?  

The reason we all love our little town is that we have all been able to be PART of our town- from having your own radio show on KRBD if you want, to joining the First City Players.  We all enjoy going to see one of our own perform, and we have always LOVED cheering on our local townsfolk (Monthly Grind, anyone?). 

How many years does Kristen Thweatt have to live here, or who does she have to be related to to be able to have 4 minutes to perform her hatchet throwing act?  Did she offend someone?

It is ridiculous as well as annoying that so many of us have to write in and ask for her to be allowed to demonstrate this timber related skill when she has already offered to perform for us free of charge.  I'm betting that if a chain saw artist offered to carve something in 5 minutes, they would be accommodated. 

And save the "Liability Issues" argument.  That would apply to everyone in the timber carnival.

I've been working alot, and have not been able to keep up on all the news, but am wondering why it (the carnival) is confined to the Logging show grounds this year anyway, considering the traffic / bus issues,  and the fact that 4 (3 large and one small) ships will be in on the 4th.  Are we canceling all the tours this year, or just running over people to get the visitors out to them?  Seems like a security nightmare to boot.

Sign me-  Not understanding much, especially unreasonable restrictions on contestants / performers,

Karen S.  Hollywood
Ketchikan, AK - USA


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