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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska
February 13, 2006

Feature Story by June Allen

Paul Wingren: Legendary Groceryman
Paul Wingren on Penny-farthing
Donor: Evelyn Valentine,  Courtesy Tongass Historical Society

Ketchikan: Paul Wingren: Legendary Groceryman Feature Story By JUNE ALLEN - Anyone in Ketchikan who knew Paul Wingren, the late, legendary groceryman, wasn't likely to forget him! That was especially true if you were one of the youngsters from years way past who got caught when trying to swipe empty pop bottles from crates near the rear of his store in order to trade them in at the front cash register for their nickel deposit value!
Wingren had quite a reputation, too, with many of the young trainee clerks or cashiers who worked in his stores over the years. "There are a lot of people in this town who worked for me over the years, successful businessmen now, some of them," Wingren once mentioned in an interview. "Well, I'm the s.o.b. who taught 'em how to work!" Work ethic was big in Paul Wingren's eyes. "When I broke into the grocery business as a boy way back when, we were paid by the week not  by the hour - and the day ended only  when all the work was done!" He always shared his memories.

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"To this day,' he said proudly, not long before his death in 1989, "I have my forty-hour week in by lunchtime on Wednesday!"
Wingren's plans and accomplishments for this community he called home were apparently so many and so varied, that they are taken for granted and some are rarely recognized. Anyone who moved to Ketchikan more recently than, say, thirty years or so ago doesn't know what today's Tongass Avenue's mall area was like "back when." The waters of Tongass Narrows lapped against the shoreline so close to the street along there that a good sou'easter in a heavy rain could blow a surge of water right onto and across the street! It was Paul Wingren who started the fill process for the big mall area ­ little by little at first as he could afford it, later ­ with financing - to make it what it is today.- More...
Sunday - February 12, 2006

Fairweather Out With Engine Problems...

The Fairweather and its sister ship, the M/V Chenega,
were in the Ketchikan shipyard for regularly scheduled annual maintenance when the problem was diagnosed. Friday morning sunrise...
Front Page Photo by Lisa Thompson

Ketchikan: Fairweather Out With Engine Problems - The Alaska Marine Highway System announced Friday that it is estimating the fast vehicle ferry M/V Fairweather will be out of service until mid-April due to a problem with all four of its MTU diesel engines.

"It is apparent that the cylinder sleeves on the engines have developed hairline cracks, which have allowed coolant to enter the cylinders," said Captain John Falvey, AMHS General Manager. "We have been in contact with the manufacturer and are proceeding with a plan to replace all the sleeves on the engines, which we estimate will take nine to ten weeks." - More...
Sunday - February 12, 2006

National: Burned by demand: The price of winter's hottest fuel soars By TIMOTHY C. BARMANN - Pellets, please?

That's the cry heard around New England this winter by people who bought wood-pellet stoves.

When headlines warned that heating costs this winter would skyrocket, many sought alternatives, such as this specialized type of stove that burns pellets made from compressed sawdust.

The problem was, a lot of people had the same idea. And so the fuel for the stoves - 3/4-inch pellets that look like rabbit food - has been difficult to find. - More...
Sunday - February 12, 2006



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February 15, 2006 at 8:30 am TELECONFERENCE FOR Legislation relating to HB420 will be the subject of a teleconference on Wednesday sponsored by House Special Committee on Fisheries, at the Legislative Information Office, 50 Front Street, Suite 203.  Testimony will be allowed with a 3 minute time limit. HB420 "An Act relating to riparian protection standards for forest resources and practices; and providing for an effective date." For more information, call 225-9675.
Information concerning legislation can be found by accessing the BASIS website

For more upcoming meetings and events, check the February Calendar

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National: White House seeks sale of National Forest land for school funds By JAMES W. BROSNAN - The Bush administration is proposing to sell up to 307,000 acres of National Forest in 32 states to developers to subsidize schools in timber country.

The Forest Service hopes to generate $800 million over five years from the sale of isolated parcels that are difficult for foresters to manage, said Mark Rey, undersecretary of Agriculture for natural resources and environment.

More than one-quarter of the acres being considered for sale are in California, with 85,465 acres. Idaho is next with 26,194 acres followed by Colorado, 21,572 acres, and Missouri, 21,566 acres.

The Forest Service plans to publish maps of the proposed sale areas on its Web site Feb. 28 and take comments on which ones to remove. - More...
Sunday - February 12, 2006

Science - Technology: Eel's charge may be jolt to science of implants By SUE VORENBERG - With its cells creating a living battery, the electric eel has proved to be the perfect model for an experiment on how to build tiny power sources for medical implants.

In the next five years, scientists from New Mexico and other states hope to use the eel and other creatures to help design a battery that could power such functions as artificial retinas and kidneys.

"We're using nature as a source of inspiration," said Susan Rempe, a scientist at Sandia National Laboratories who is working on the project. "We want to understand very carefully how nature accomplishes these things." - More...
Sunday - February 12, 2006

Science - Technology: Do iPod earbuds cause problems? By TIMOTHY MCNULTY - A federal lawsuit filed against Apple Computer, paired with worries aired by Who guitarist Pete Townshend and others, is once again raising questions about permanent hearing damage from iPods and other portable music devices.

The same hearing loss questions sprouted after the Sony Walkman got big in the 1980s and before that, portable boom boxes. The concerns have started again with the iPod, due to its popularity (Apple sold an estimated 14 million during the holiday shopping season) and because the white headphones packaged with the device are "earbuds," which are inserted directly into the ear. - More...
Sunday - February 12, 2006

National: Yahoo reportedly supplid e-mails to authorities in 2003 By CARRIE KIRBY - Chinese cyber-dissident in prison, according to advocacy group Reporters Without Borders.

Li Zhi, a former civil servant, began an eight-year sentence in 2003 after being convicted of "inciting subversion" by posting online comments criticizing local Chinese officials.

Yahoo's Hong Kong unit aided in his conviction by providing Chinese authorities with copies of e-mails Li had sent and information he provided when he registered with Yahoo, according to a document published Sunday on, a U.S. nonprofit group that posts Chinese news reports.

The document, which appears to be a pleading entered by Li's attorney in an appeal on his behalf in 2004, was submitted anonymously to, according to Wei Shi, editor of the Web site. - More...
Sunday - February 12, 2006

Health - Fitness: Study: Biopsies still key in detecting breast cancer By LEE BOWMAN - Four common noninvasive follow-up tests for breast cancer are not yet accurate enough to replace biopsies for women who have abnormal results from a mammogram or physical exam, a new review by government scientists concludes.

Health-care providers have increasingly turned to the noninvasive tests - ultrasound, MRI, PET scans and nuclear medicine scans - as an intermediate or alternative screening technique when initial tests suggest the possibility of breast cancer.

Only about one in five women who currently get either a surgical or needle biopsy after an abnormal mammogram or physical exam actually turns out to have breast cancer, meaning that 80 percent go through those procedures for what turns out to be no reason. - More...
Sunday - February 12, 2006

Health - Fitness: Cheeseburgers or salads? The truth about fat By LEE BOWMAN - Aha, so a low-fat diet is bunk and we can all just eat as we please again? Well, not exactly.

Here are some questions and answers about what the latest big diet study did and didn't tell us, and why.

Q: Contradictory diet studies always seem to be making news. One week something's good for you, the next week it's bad. Is this study more significant than most?

A: A lot of the buzz over the data from the Women's Health Initiative studies published Wednesday in The Journal of the American Medical Association came because they were part of a big federal study that seems to contradict conventional diet wisdom of the less fat, the better. - More...
Sunday - February 12, 2006

Health - Fitness: Low-fat diet for older women: Less protection than assumed By LEE BOWMAN - Older women who turn to a diet low in fats and high in fruits, vegetables and grains don't generally lower the risk of breast and colon cancers or heart disease, according to new studies.

The three studies, published Wednesday in The Journal of the American Medical Association, were done through the Women's Health Initiative (WHI), a 15-year look at the causes and prevention of diseases affecting women after menopause.

The studies included 48,835 American women, ages 50 to 79. Forty percent were randomly assigned to go on a low-fat diet, with only 20 percent or less of their daily calories coming from fat. The other women were not asked to make any dietary changes. The dieting women were also asked to eat five or more daily servings of fruits and vegetables and six servings of grains. - More...
Sunday - February 12, 2006

Business: The office: Where romance reigns By MARY DEIBEL - Cupid is roaming the cubicles in the 24/7 workplace without being roped in by the boss, to judge by new surveys suggesting that most employers don't forbid co-worker dating. Two Valentine's Day polls report that:

- More than 70 percent of employers don't have written policies against office dating on grounds they see "no pressing need" and, among those who do, just 9 percent ban office dating outright.

The e-mail survey of 493 employers was taken by the Society of Human Resource Managers in conjunction with an online worker survey by, the Wall Street Journal workplace Web site.

Their poll also found 40 percent of employees had an office romance sometime in their work lives.

- Fifty-four percent of men and 40 percent of women are open to dating a co-worker, while 70 percent of men and 83 percent of women call dating the boss a no-no, according to an Opinion Research Corp. poll of 4,000 singles for America Online. - More...
Sunday - February 12, 2006

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