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Efforts Being Made To Help
By Penny Eubanks


February 10, 2006

Regarding support for the Mestas family, Larry Mestas is dearly loved by his place of employment - the students and teachers who attend and work at Kayhi. Shortly following the jet crash which demolished Larry's home, Kayhi placed donation cans throughout the community for Larry's family. I understand that teachers, counselors, and the principal also have written letters to Orange County Choppers about the loss of Larry's Harley in hopes that a special bike will be made by OCC for Larry.

At a recent pep assembly a video tape was made with students chanting "build Larry a home" and the tape sent to Extreme Home Makeover. Maybe Orange County Choppers or Extreme Home Makeover will see Larry's plight as a good cause or maybe nothing will come of these pleas - the important part of this is that the community is showing that they care about the Mestas family and feel they are deserving of more than perhaps our small community can give or donate and have pleaded to larger benefit programs on behalf of the Mestas.

The community at large may not be fully aware of the efforts made in the community for the Mestas family as they are the support for Steve Freeman, that is because as Vicki O'Brien stated - Mr. Freeman lost his LIFE, there is no replacing that loss in the lives of his family and friends. Ketchikan could have experienced much greater losses had it not been for the skill and experience of Steve Freeman and his sacrifice!

Thankfully we still have the Mestas family, Kayhi students and teachers can still see Larry's smilin' face at school every day, I am sure one way or another Larry will once again ride a Harley and proudly display it in the Harley Show at the Plaza, and Larry will have a home, family, friends and Ketchikan community!

Penny Eubanks
Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Penny Eubanks writes she's a "confirmed lover of Ketchikan!"


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