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By Virginia E Atkinson


February 11, 2006

How can anyone not notice all the strange and weird things going on in this country? From west coast to east coast, people are constantly disappearing at an alarming rate, of all ages. Newborns to toddlers are found in dumpsters (you see, if they aren't aborted during pregnancy they are thrown away like a piece of garbage after birth). It's a no-win situation. Teenagers to older people are found in shallow graves, immigrants are crossing the borders just as fast as people are disappearing, prison breaks are almost an every week event, too many are scaling the walls like they're Spiderman, pedophiles and murderers are released into society to continue their ways of raping and killing - don't know why they are getting such special treatment. And every year a new strain of virus are surfacing in Asia or Africa, why do I get that feeling that their government in those particular countries are involved with it? Are they trying to find ways to control the population of this world? To make matters even worst, school shootings and murder/suicides seem to be an daily event these days, people are "flipping out" and shooting up banks, work places, teachers/students having affairs, soldiers are coming back from Iraq and getting killed in a so-called motor cycle accidents? So many churches are burning down in the South like it's back in the sixties, and the devil is working overtime. Other than that it's just another "normal" day in America.

Today's thought: Politics, religion and differences of opinion are what's dividing America, today.

Virginia E Atkinson
Metlakatla, AK - USA

About: Virginia E Atkinson is a long time resident of Metlakatla, Alaska.



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