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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska
January 07, 2006

Front Page Photo by Dick Kauffman

Flash Back
"Flash Back" with Scrapbooking Kodak Ketchikan Style Artists/Models: Connie and Erica Stewart
Front Page Photo By Dick Kauffman

Ketchikan: Flash Back By MARIE L. MONYAK - Flash Back, the 20th Annual Wearable Arts and Runway Fashion Show, sponsored by the Ketchikan Area Arts and Humanities Council was held this past weekend at the Ted Ferry Civic Center. Those lucky enough to be in attendance were treated to an enchanting show of glitz, glamour and glitter.

The show was a colossal undertaking that involved the talent of numerous artists, dancers, models, stagehands, writers, directors and the benevolence of an almost endless list of benefactors.

This year's theme title, Flash Back, gave each artist the opportunity to look to the past for inspiration but before the fashion show began, the audience was informed that 20 years of wearable art was all about attitude, an attitude that only Ketchikan can deliver and of course, it's always about the rain.

The pre-show entertainment began with "Rain Flashbacks, an interpretation about how Ketchikanites have handled the rain throughout the years. First on stage were the Native dancers, the earliest inhabitants of our rainy city, followed by seven young women twirling colorful umbrellas and clad in rubber boots. Dancing to songs from the last century, the performers took the audience back to the 1930's with the song "Stormy Weather" to the 1940's with "Singing in the Rain" and to the 1990's with "I'm only happy when it rains" and many more. - More...
Tuesday - February 07, 2006

Top Stories
U.S. News
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National: Bush budget favors tax breaks, puts off reform By MARY DEIBEL - President Bush wants Congress to make his tax cuts permanent law and to sweeten tax breaks for Health Savings Accounts.

Otherwise, his new budget puts off tax reform even though he campaigned for re-election on streamlining "the mess of a tax code" and despite recommendations of his bipartisan White House task force. Treasury Secretary John Snow, who is charged with sorting through its options, says, "We're not going to put a timetable on this thing."

As for private Social Security accounts that were last year's centerpiece, reform is relegated again to a bipartisan commission, the third to study changes the last 10 years. - More...
Tuesday - February 07, 2006

National: Tracking all that oil money By DAVID R. BAKER - Say you're an international oil company making more money than the gross domestic product of Latvia.

What do you do with all that cash?

More likely than not, you're going to shower billions of it on your stockholders. You'll build up your own cash stockpile, just in case you want to buy one of your smaller peers. And you'll pump billions more into finding enough oil to replace all the barrels you've sold. - More...
Tuesday - February 07, 2006

International: A sea change in shipping By GEORGE RAINE - Globalization is having an anniversary.

It was 50 years ago that Malcom McLean, an entrepreneur from North Carolina, loaded a ship with 58 35-foot containers and sailed from Newark, N.J., to Houston.

He wasn't the only one to suggest that containers might make shipping more efficient. But he was the first to design a transportation system around the packaging of cargo in huge metal boxes that could be loaded and unloaded by cranes. - More...
Tuesday - February 07, 2006

International: Danes fear cartoon furor will lead to terror attacks By DOUG SAUNDERS - As half the world seemed to be exploding in furious and sometimes deadly riots against Danes, the streets of Copenhagen have taken on an air of eerie, frightened calm.

Terrified that the furor over the publication of cartoons satirizing the Islamic prophet Mohammed may provoke a major terrorist attack, both Danish Muslim leaders and newspaper editors are vowing to take joint action to diffuse the global explosion of rage.

Violent protests spread across a dozen countries this week. At first, Denmark had been deeply and angrily divided between those who felt insulted by the cartoons satirizing the prophet, and those who saw the protests as attacks on the country's cherished culture of free expression. - More...
Tuesday - February 07, 2006

National: When cartoons are the news By HEIDI BENSON - Amid violent protests around the world over reproduction of Danish cartoons depicting the Islamic prophet Muhammad - which Muslims consider blasphemy - editorial cartoonists face a conundrum:

How do they address one of the most urgent topics of the day without inciting further violence?

Among the several cartoonists interviewed this week, none will use images of the prophet, though for different reasons. - More...
Tuesday - February 07, 2006



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letter Publish A Letter

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Monday, February 6th, at 5:30 - The Newtown Historical District Association will provide a venue for Q&A at a special meeting at St. John's Church

Monday, February 6th, at 5:30 pm - Ketchikan Borough Assembly Regular meeting - City Council Chambers
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Fish Factor  

Laine Welch: A Symphony of Seafood - Yukon king salmon from two small companies in tiny, far away Alaska villages were the favorites at the Symphony of Seafood event last weekend in Anchorage.

Ray's Gourmet Smoked Yukon King Salmon scooped the coveted People's Choice award. The salmon, which is smoked with a "secret blend of specially chosen woods," has been marketed under the Boreal Fisheries label for over 20 years by the Darling family of St. Mary's, AK.

Yukon King Seafoods of Marshall, AK again topped all others for its Smoked Cajun King Salmon. The savory, smoked chunks won the People's Choice award at last month's Symphony in Las Vegas, and won first place in the Smoked Category at the Anchorage event. Placing second and third in the Smoked Category were two smoked sockeye salmon cream cheese spreads (one with Cajun spices) by Ocean Beauty Seafoods, under its Echo Falls label. - More...
Monday - February 06, 2006

Ketchikan Columnist  

Dave Kiffer: Talk of the Town - The jet crash near A&P recently remains the big topic of discussion in Ketchikan.

Everywhere I look I see groups of people huddled together talking about the crash, describing what they saw, what they heard or passing on the latest "info" that they have.

It started minutes after the crash as the word of it spread across town even as the first sirens were ringing from the hillside. I stepped out a college class a couple of minutes after 1 pm last Wednesday and students in the hall were already passing the words "military jet crash" and "A&P."

The crash had occurred just before 1 pm. In the age of text messaging and cell phones, we have finally reached the point where the minute something happens we indeed - to quote a 1950s television program - "are there." - More...
Monday - February 06, 2006

Columns - Commentary  

Michael Reagan: Congressional Pork and Swinish Behavior - Last Tuesday night President Bush offered an olive branch to the Democrats while making a series of proposals to strengthen the nation at home and abroad.

The Democrats, devoid of any alternatives to the president's proposals, or programs of their own, responded in the only way they know how: they bashed Bush, a tactic they seem to have learned from their current den mother, Cindy Sheehan, and her fellow loonies.

The swinish behavior of the Democrats during the State of the Union address was appalling. They were sitting on their hands, scowling, taking credit for killing badly needed reform of a Social Security System heading towards the poor house by applauding when the President recalled their appalling failure to rescue the system, along with their efforts to show themselves not as the defeatists they are but as "supporters" of the troops fighting the war they want desperately to lose so they can blame it on the president. - More...
Monday - February 06, 2006

Ann McFeatters: U.S. oil dependence: Are we finally serious? - At least Karl Rove didn't tell his boss to wear a sweater when the president told Americans they are "addicted to oil."

Three decades ago during the Arab oil embargo when former President Jimmy Carter ordered the lights turned off on Washington's famous monuments (as he wore a sweater), Americans freaked out as the price of a barrel of oil rose from $4 to $12. Today's cost is about $70. Consumption has gone up, not down, and use of foreign oil in America has almost doubled in that time.

Everyone notices the irony, of course, of the president, a former Texas oilman (once an oilman, always an oilman?), urging less dependence on oil. For the first time in a major speech outlining his demands, he did not mention his burning desire to take oil and gas from the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. But part of his plan is to open up pristine areas for oil and gas development for the use of U.S. oil companies.

Nonetheless, it was time for the American president to warn Americans their addiction is a terrible thing. - More...
Monday - February 06, 2006

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