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Unleashed dogs
By Karen Ramsey


February 06, 2006

I try to be a good sport about most things in life. My patience with one issue is running on fumes. Saturday's rare sunny skies brought out lots of people, some with their dogs, on local trails. I didn't see any dog owners with their pets on leashes. Maybe there is no leash ordinance outside the state park boundary on Lunch Creek Trail, but I believe within the boundary one should keep pets leashed. I rarely see leashed pets down in Settlers Cove either, and I always thank the seemingly rare responsible and considerate pet owners who do obey leash ordinances.

I plead with dog owners to consider that not everyone in America is great with dogs or even necessarily fond of them. I don't know anyone who is fond of stepping in dogs' business, and that's even a problem on our downtown streets (ugh). Unleashed dogs constantly affect my quality of life by doing their "thing" in my unfenced garden and yard, approaching and barking at me on outdoor hikes, or biting me. I have one too many dog bite scars on my body.

The good people of Ketchikan are so great in so many ways, and the problem of loose dogs is not unique to this community. Other places in which I have lived did not seem to have this big of a problem with loose dogs. I am a big fraidy-cat when a dog approaches me and barks meanly, and I can't help it no matter how big or small it may be. Please control your dogs. I know there are big issues out there today to be concerned with, but for today this is mine.

Thank you,
Karen Ramsey
Ward Cove, AK - USA


About: Karen Ramsey is a 12-year resident of Ketchikan. She writes she "tries hard to be considerate of other people".



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