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Police Officers of Ketchikan
By Phillip L. Alderson


February 06, 2006

I am responding to the letter of February 1st, 2006 by Kristina Townsend. First of all, I agree with her that the Police Officers of Ketchikan need the support of the community. I must say that is an earned support not just a given. I worked with Mrs. Townsend's husband for many years. He is a very dedicated officer and I have a lot of respect for him and many of the officers that were on the force when I was working there.

In her letter she mentioned, what I called, the great walk out of 1996. I would just like to say that money was an issue at that time for we were under paid at that time as the officers are under paid today. I had many discussions with the officers that left, one that I felt led the "great walk out", who later returned under protests from ranking officers, but that is another story. In my discussions with these officers that were planning on leaving, they lead me to believe that pay was only a small part of it and the big issue was some administration problems, not from the Chief of Police but some of his staff.

It is very interesting to me about her reference to Mr. Pearson. When Mr. Pearson was manager he had an assistant by the name of Jones. We had an agreement with the city concerning some benefits we recieved from the city such as selling back unused leave time and partial payment for eye care. We were told by staff that Mr. Pearson and Jones had decided, without consulting with us, that they were taking away these benefits and there would be no discussion concerning us losing them. I was not present when these decisions were made but we were informed by staff of the department that this is what had happened. I do know that members of the department were very upset about it.

In closing, I say, Ketchikan support your Police Officers and to the Officers of the Ketchikan Police Department I say, support your community.

Phillip L. Alderson
Attalla, AL - USA


About: Phillip L. Alderson retired from the Ketchikan Police Department after 20 years of service. He was hired on Dec. 2nd 1982 and retired on Jan. 4th 2003. He was a Sgt. at the time of his retirement.



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