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Open Letter to Sealaska Shareholders
By Martha Gallagher


February 06, 2006

Dear Shareholders,

In the January Sealaska newsletter you will find an article about ANWR revenue sharing. Development in this region could produce billions of dollars in oil and gas profits that would potentially benefit all Alaska Native Corporation shareholders. The Sealaska Board of Directors approves any proposed legislation that ensures the sharing of ANWR revenues among all regional and village corporation shareholders.

Congress will be deciding in the next two weeks whether all Alaska Native people will benefit financially from ANWR. We must act now!

Whatever your position on ANWR, we hope you will show your support for all Alaska Natives by asking for revenue sharing.

How You Can Help - Contact Senator Ted Stevens, Senator Lisa Murkowski and Representative Don Young to require that any legislation authorizing oil and gas development include an amendment requiring revenue sharing.

How You Can Reach Them - Sealaska recommends contacting members of the Alaska delegation by phone and email.
To ensure your elected officials get the most important messages, we recommend the following format:

Introduce yourself as a concerned Sealaska shareholder. Be respectful but firm and mention the following points:

1) ANCSA was created with the intent to support all Alaska Natives. Revenue sharing is a key part of ANCSA.

2) Over the years, revenue sharing has led Sealaska alone to contribute over $300 million, benefiting 80,000 Native shareholders of all regional corporations.

3) Please ensure any legislation authorizing oil and gas development in ANWR includes an amendment requiring revenue sharing.

E-mail: marti414[at]

Ketchikan, AK - USA


About: Martha J. Gallagher is a Sealaska Shareholder. She was born and raised in Alaska, as were her parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.



Contact the Alaska delegation at their Washington, D.C. offices. Or you may leave messages at an Alaska Delegation Office in your area.

Senator Ted Stevens
(202) 224-3004

Senator Lisa Murkowski
(877) 829-6030

Representative Don Young
(202) 225-5765



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