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By Bob Harmon


February 06, 2006

Jennifer Brewer is the one not being reasonable! I thought Ms. Brewer was being way to tough and maybe a little hostile towards Mark Neckameyer who is a veteran himself and seems to be a pretty civic minded guy reading the biographical data you printed about him. We need more people in our MAAD and other
charity groups. There aren't enough people willing to help out. It looks like Mr. Neckameyer vacations in Alaska and plans a move soon to Alaska which in my mind gives him the right to comment on local happenings.

The most important comment I have is that Mr. Neckameyer didn't put down Maj. Freeman in any manner. As I recall he said very kind things about the Major's bravery as a fellow veteran. He did point out that airplane repossessing may be a dangerous thing to
do, dangerous not only to the unfortunate pilot but also to the community. This is probably the type of thinking a person in MAAD would do. The community has a right to live safely.

The agency of the government that investigates all plane crashes should definitely look at this one and if the company that sent Butch Freeman out on that last assignment was at fault, they do have some explaining and some paying to do. Nothing wrong with that sentiment at all.

Bob Harmon
Juneau, AK - USA


About: Bob Harmon is a retired teacher. He was born and raised in Seattle and taught English most of his career in the Des Moines, Iowa schools. Two years ago, the Harmons moved to Alaska after retiring to help his wife's aging parents.


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