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Cruise Ship Passenger Tax
By Peter Bolling


February 11, 2006

This past week Superior Court Judge William Morse ruled in favor of the Alaska Division of Elections in a suit brought by the NorthWest CruiseShip Association; a judgement that has paved the way for a statewide vote in November on a ballot measure that seeks to place a $50.00 tax on cruise ship passengers.

Do any readers of Sitnews know what impact, if any, a $50.00 tax enacted by the state will have on our local passenger fee? It is the intent of the city to pay for the 38 million dollar dock expansion with proceeds from our local passenger fee. Will that revenue stream be negatively impacted by the state tax on cruise ship passengers?
An informed opinion would be appreciated.


Peter Bolling
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Peter Bolling is a 47 year resident.

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