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Giving ownership back to the students
By Charles Edwardson


February 11, 2006

I would like to thank Mrs. Auger for her letter to Sitnews about giving ownership back to the students. I was beginning to think no one had the civic consciousness to state their opinions about the situation at Ketchikan High School and the lack of any comprehensive direction for the athletic program. The decline in school spirit has been steady and community support has followed suite.

I have four girls and they all play ball. They notice the lack of support that the school and community shows them and they return the favor on the court. The girls work as hard for the school as the school works for them. I have noticed a lack of intensity and participation in the girls' program in recent years. (They do not want to play in this program). And I give credit to the girls who have the personal dedication it takes to submit themselves to the demands any extracurricular activities takes out of a student's life.

All my girls have participated in Dribblers League, Schoenbar Knights, Hoopmania, b ball camps, with the intention of someday representing the KAYHI Kings. When they get to the program they are ultimately disappointed in the support they get and begin to wonder "why did I do all this for all these years"? I try to encourage them and keep them involved but it is getting harder as the years go by. I had a graduating senior in 2004, a four-year letterman whose biggest disappointment in her senior year was the athletic program. Now my junior on Kayhi Varsity is getting tired of all mismanagement and lack of direction that goes on in the program. My eighth grader soon to be a freshman is wondering what will the program be like when she suits up for the Kings. Not to mention my eight year old who has grown up in the KAYHI gym. What will she have to look forward to? Poorly scheduled games, disarray throughout the program, lack of accountability with the staff, etc.

This is not just about the girls' team. I have been a season ticket holder for many years and never miss a boys' game either. I just happen to have four girls so my perspective is focused on the girls' program.

Bottom line is... it is a sad testament for Ketchikan and a disappointment for not just my kids - but parents, sponsors, spectators, and visiting teams alike.

Charles Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK - USA

About: Charles (Chas) Edwardson is owner of Edwardson Enterprises and a "lifelong resident, 1982 Kayhi graduate, and faithful supporter of all school activities."

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