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SitNews - Stories in the News - Ketchikan, Alaska
February 10, 2006

Front Page Photo by Tom LeCompte

Daedal! Debonair! Daring! Definitive! Dragons!
"Reading Dragon"
Each of the scales on the dragon's body are miniature book reports submitted by all the Houghtaling Elementary School children. The Scaly book reports go down the hall around the corner, up the stairs, and continue down the hall -- almost 200' of book reviews!
Front Page Photo by Tom LeCompte

Ketchikan: Daedal! Debonair! Daring! Definitive! Dragons! - Ingenious and versatile ravens were the inspiration for a colorful and engaging educational dragon project at Houghtaling Elementary School. Ravens? Dragons? What's the connection one might ask.

After attending the opening reception for Evon Zerbetz's raven exhibit at the Ketchikan Museum, Houghtaling Elementary School teacher Penny Ranniger said she found the exhibit so interesting and had so much potential for teaching that she approached Ms. Carson, another sixth grade teacher, to explore the possibility of doing a museum exhibit at Houghtaling that was based on the Raucous! Ravens exhibit. Both teachers agreed that the project had great potential to engage their students in real world application of the language arts, math and social skills they practice in school.

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Before beginning the project Ranniger said the Houghtaling sixth grade classes toured the Raucous! Ravens exhibit in November. "Though they are the Houghtaling Dolphins, the students all thought that dragons were much more interesting than dolphins," said Ranniger. "They chose to do an exhibit on dragons. The Daedal! Debonair! Daring! Definitive! Dragons! exhibit was born," said Ranniger. "The students brainstormed a huge list of creative projects to put in their museum." - More...
Friday - February 10, 2006

National: Presidential wannabes already courting Hawkeye state By ROB HOTAKAINEN - With the next presidential election not until 2008, Iowa is already producing a bumper crop of White House wannabes - all of whom are working hard not to look like wannabes.

Non-candidates are turning up everywhere in the state.

Mike Huckabee, the Republican governor of Arkansas, ate chili with 150 Iowans in a school cafeteria in Sioux Center recently, making his sixth visit in recent months. Four days later, Mitt Romney, the Republican governor of Massachusetts, came to raise cash in Council Bluffs, his fourth visit. John Edwards, the former North Carolina Democratic senator and 2004 vice presidential candidate, will make his fifth visit next month, going to Davenport to give a speech on poverty. - More...
Friday - February 10, 2006

Rainy Day quilters...

Rainy Day Quilters Prepare for Weekend Show
Front Page Photo by Weston Davis

The Rainy Day Quilters will present Quilting In the Rain XV on Saturday, February 11th from 10am - 8pm and on Sunday, February 12th from 12pm - 4pm at the Plaza. Admission is free and there is also a Quilt raffle. During the exhibition Saturday, singing quilters Kathy Miller and John Bunge will sing songs, share stories and show quilts illuminating their stories on February 10th.

National: Faulty Pentagon bookkeeping impacts troops on the ground By LISA ZAGAROLI - When Perry Jefferies was serving in Iraq, the computers showed that his 4th Infantry Division troops had access to drinking water, a place to shower and working wheels on their vehicles.

As the 1st sergeant came to understand when scrounging for water, towing immobilized tanks and driving to other posts or to Kuwait to pick up needed parts, the Pentagon's bookkeeping doesn't always match reality. - More...
Friday - February 10, 2006

National: Passenger hangs self on airline flight after arson bust By SARAH LANGBEIN - Just three days after a frustrated car buyer was accused of torching a Ford dealership in Miami, he hanged himself from a piece of his own clothing during a cross-country airline flight.

Officials say Gerald "Gerry" Georgettis, 56, committed suicide Wednesday on United Flight 209 from Washington to Los Angeles. The flight was diverted to Denver International Airport, where police met the plane.

The flight crew asked an off-duty Secret Service agent to break down the door of an airplane lavatory when Georgettis didn't respond to repeated knocks, according to Denver police. - More...
Friday - February 10, 2006



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February 15, 2006 at 8:30 am TELECONFERENCE FOR Legislation relating to HB420 will be the subject of a teleconference on Wednesday sponsored by House Special Committee on Fisheries, at the Legislative Information Office, 50 Front Street, Suite 203.  Testimony will be allowed with a 3 minute time limit. HB420 "An Act relating to riparian protection standards for forest resources and practices; and providing for an effective date." For more information, call 225-9675.
Information concerning legislation can be found by accessing the BASIS website

For more upcoming meetings and events, check the February Calendar

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International: One-of-a-kind stamp treasure, missing 38 years, turns up By STACY FINZ - It was the lost treasure in the philatelic world - the only known envelope bearing a 90-cent Abraham Lincoln stamp from 1869.

For years, collectors assumed the envelope, or cover, as it's known in the stamp world, had been destroyed sometime after it was stolen from a home in Indianapolis in 1967. Then, a month ago, a couple casually walked it into a Chicago stamp shop, and ever since, collectors have been salivating at the prospect of getting their hands on the artifact.

A San Jose, Calif., attorney, who has one of the most comprehensive assemblages of 1869 postal history, says he believes he has a guarantee dating back nearly three decades that would grant him first dibs. The problem is that his proof is Duane Garrett, a Democratic political strategist who threw himself off the Golden Gate Bridge more than 10 years ago. - More...
Friday - February 10, 2006

Thomas Hargrove: The Week In Review - Anti-cartoon demonstrations become violent - Violent Muslim demonstrations in protest of European newspaper cartoons of the prophet Muhammad continued around the globe this week. Kenyan police shot a demonstrator while trying to stop hundreds of protesters from storming the home of the Danish ambassador. Denmark advised its citizens to leave Indonesia after its embassy was stormed by a mob and pelted with eggs. The Danish embassy in Beirut was torched.

'Brownie' swings back at former bosses

Disgraced former federal emergency chief Michael Brown told senators that White House and Homeland Security Department officials knew immediately when the New Orleans' levees were breached by Hurricane Katrina last year, raising new questions over the slow federal response to the disaster that claimed more than 1,300 lives. "For them to claim that we didn't have awareness of it is just baloney," Brown said.

Cheney ordered release of secrets, Libby said

Former vice-presidential chief of staff I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby had told a federal grand jury that Dick Cheney authorized him to give reporters information from the usually classified National Intelligence Estimate in 2003. The release, disclosed this week in court papers filed by special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald, was made to justify the administration's decision to invade Iraq.

Senators reach Patriot Act pact

Republican senators reached an agreement on several key compromises intended to clear the stalled reauthorization of the Patriot Act. Among the changes are guarantees that libraries will not be subject to secret FBI demands for records and the elimination of a gag rule for people who've been subpoenaed in terrorist investigations. One Democratic senator, Russell Feingold of Wisconsin, has threatened to filibuster the bill.

Abramoff details White House meetings

Convicted influence peddler Jack Abramoff said he had nearly a dozen conversations with President Bush, increasing apparent White House connections in the lobbying scandal. Abramoff, in an e-mail to Washingtonian magazine made public this week, said Bush "joked with me about a bunch of things, including details of my kids." The White House has refused to release photographs of Abramoff and Bush together. "I frankly don't even remember having my picture taken with the guy," Bush said last month. "I don't know him."

Two more victims of bird flu

Two women died in China and Indonesia after handling poultry and contracting a deadly bird-flu strain, officials with the World Health Organization reported. At least 88 people have perished from the new disease. Also, Nigeria reported the first known bird-flu outbreak in Africa among fowl, prompting health workers to go door-to-door immunizing children and warning adults to watch for any fatalities from pneumonia-like symptoms. Authorities fear a pandemic if the flu mutates into a form that can be transmitted from one person to another. - More...
Friday - February 10, 2006

Washington Calling: Better cable choices? ... Heavy armor ... More By LANCE GAY - Expect federal regulators to speed new cost-cutting cable-TV choice plans.

In a startling about-face, the Federal Communications Commission says it was flat wrong about the costs to consumers in letting them pick and choose which cable channels they want - known in the industry as a la carte options.

The agency acknowledges that consumer groups were correct, that they could enjoy big savings by picking only the channels they want.

Consumer groups predict speedy FCC approval of new choice plans.


The demise of the Cold War threatened to beach the U.S. Navy's prized fleet of nuclear submarines, but the admirals are now mapping ambitious plans to refit the underwater Navy for clandestine operations in the global war on terrorism.

The new idea: fleets of submarines carrying newly created U.S. Marine special-operation units, which can be covertly landed at hot spots around the world, and have their beachheads backed up with submarine-launched cruise missiles. To find the money for the ambitious program, the admirals intend early retirement for the USS John F. Kennedy carrier. That would then mean an 11-carrier Navy.

The admirals are dyspeptic about the Great White Fleet's diminished role in the fighting in landlocked Afghanistan and Iraq, and fear the service is heading for hard times unless new roles are found for Navy ships. - More...
Friday - February 10, 2006

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