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Lake Atna
By Ky Carry


February 11, 2006

In reply to the Ned Rozell article about John Jangala's search of the Gulkana Basin for evidence of Paleolithic occupation during the Lake Atna period, John would be wise [depending on whom you ask....] to keep his eyes open for anomalous artifacts that might not fit into his preconceived notions of what he might expect to find in this area. In my searches for jade in this area, [Gulkana, Glennallen,and Copper Center] I have found what I believe to be tools from two cultures of little people, the normally sized lithics one would expect from "normally" sized people and the lithics of two cultures of giants. Absurd? perhaps. Preposterous and absolutely unbelievable? Perhaps. But if you look around you will find them nonetheless. The river basin is literally littered with them and it would take a Smithsonian artifact collection and destruction team literally years to collect and destroy them all and they wouldn't get them all even then.

Whenever I find jades or basinite in that region I would estimate that 80% to 90% of them fit into about six different tool categories. Good luck with your search, John and I hope you aren't afraid to face the truth no matter what you find or where it leads you. John, I tell you this knowing that the world was flat and everyone knew it 400 years ago and lots of good men were burned at the stake for daring to utter the simple and now self evident truth that the world is round. Archaeology is not so different today and to this day careers are ruined by having the gall and questionable fortune of finding artifacts and truths that challenge the opinions of your peers. Good luck, good hunting, and may the force be with you.


Ky Carry
Fairbanks, AK - USA

About: Ky Carry writes, "You ought to have a lot of fun with this. I'll put my "crazy credentials" out front. I've never been to college, nor have I had any specialized training in anthropology or lithics so you don't have to attack my education or educational credentials, I don't have any. Furthermore I've personally seen many UFO's and once saw a bigfoot. So if you are a little insecure about what I present you can save yourself the effort of needing to destroy my reputation and instead just address the facts. If you can. To my credit I got 96th percentile on my high school ASVAB tests and am considered reasonably intelligent and sane by the other people in my life. I have been a life long rockhound and study subjects that interest me to exhaustion. Also I tend to see patterns that others simply don't see until they have been pointed out. But enough about me."

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