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SitNews - Stories In The News - Ketchikan, Alaska
January 09, 2012

Front Page Photo by SUSAN HOYT

Ketchikan Sunrise
This photograph was taken from the airport.
Front Page Photo By SUSAN HOYT


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Ketchikan: 2011 Year In Review By DAVE KIFFER - A political shocker and some of the wettest weather on record dominated the year 2011 in Ketchikan.

Residents were stunned in early November when Jack Shay, one of the most prominent politicians in Ketchikan history, was charged with 91 counts of possession of child pornography. Shay, 80, the only man to serve as both city and borough mayor, resigned his seat on the Ketchikan City Council and was expected to go to trial in February of 2012.

The fall rainy season arrived early in Ketchikan, with the weather turning to mostly rain by early July. In fact, there were only 31 days without precipitation between July 1 and December 31. Less rainfall than normal in the first six months of the year kept the yearly total to “only” 171.3 inches.

In January, Rachelle Waterman’s retrial began in Anchorage. The Craig woman had been charged with conspiring to have her mother killed in 2004. Her first trial had ended with a hung jury in 2006, but in February she was convicted of criminally negligent homicide and sentenced to three years in jail.

Norman Arriola reelected president of the Ketchikan Indian Community in January.

The Ketchikan Chamber of Commerce handed out its annual awards: Ed Zastrow, Chamber Citizen of the year, Ketchikan Coliseum Theater business of the year, Sonia Christensen, young professional of the year Dana Elerding and Orla Roberts of Simpy Bella entrepreneurs of the year, Rev. Bill White and Freddie John Community Service Awards, and Robert McClory, youth leader of the year award

Work began on the Ketchikan Aquatic Center in January with completion expected in the summer of 2012. Work also began on the new Ketchikan Public Library which is also expected to be completed late in 2012. Work continued on the new downtown Ketchikan Fire Station and also on the $30 million renovation of the Ketchikan Shipyard that will create an enclosed 120 foot high drydock.

In February, Patrick McDonald resigned from the School Board and was replaced by Stephen Bradford. In December, the longest serving school board member, Choc Shaefer resigned after 11 years.

Ada Castle of Fawn Mountain Elementary School won her second consecutive district wide spelling bee.

The Coast Guard cutter Acushnet was decommissioned after nearly 70 years of service and sold to a private buyer for more than $600,000. The Coast Guard announced that a second 110 foot cutter, the Chandaleur will be stationed in Ketchikan in the summer of 2012 and that plans were in place to station two brand new 145 foot cutters in Ketchikan in 2015. - More...
Monday AM - January 09, 2012

Fish Factor: Crab fishery picking up steam, Beating bycatch, Smart Gear winners, Film subsidies head south, & More... By LAINE WELCH - The Bering Sea snow crab fishery is picking up steam earlier than usual as the fleet scrambles to get the catch before rapidly encroaching sea ice shuts them down.  About 25 boats are out on the water so far, soon to be joined by 60 or so more as the forecast calls for continued frigid weather and high winds.

Although the fishery opens by regulation October 15, most crabbers usually wait until mid-January to begin dropping pots.  The snow crab catch was boosted 64% this season to nearly 80 million pounds.  Boats left without settling on a price,   and the increased supply is having a downward press on the market.

 “The problem we have in the snow crab market is that  before the catch share program  began in 2005, the fishery started on the 15th of January, and so that is when the market formed and negotiations were typically done  about a week before.  Although the fishery has been starting earlier and earlier, the negotiations are still taking place at the traditional time period. There’s negotiations taking place between the packers and the Japanese and domestic buyers as we speak,” said Jake Jacobsen, director of the Inter-Cooperative Exchange, which represents a majority of the crab fleet.

There also is a sizeable chunk of Canadian snow crab in the freezers that buyers are trying to sell before that fishery begins in April.  Jacobsen said it all adds up to lower crab prices.

Because of the increased quota, the demand has diminished so we expect prices to be lower than last year’s average of $2.41 a pound.  We’re looking at a considerable reduction from that,” Jacobsen said.

The Bering Sea snow crab fishery last year produced 54 million pounds valued at over $120 million at the docks.  Jacobsen said crabbers are hoping for another uneventful fishery this year, adding:   “Pray for warm weather and we get the crab in and we keep everybody safe. That’s the main thing.”

The largest Alaska snow crab harvest was 252.1 million pounds in 1998. The fishery ends by regulation in mid-May. - More...
Monday AM - January 09, 2012

Southeast Alaska: Emergency Assistance Provided to Alaska community buried in snow - In response to the City of Cordova disaster declaration, the State of Alaska has activated its State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) to promptly facilitate the city’s request for snow removal equipment and operators, labor support, and assistance with shelter operations.

The danger posed by avalanche hazards and potential roof collapses to life and critical infrastructure has resulted in a coordinated effort by multiple state agencies to provide assistance, particularly before the upcoming snowstorms in the Prince William Sound area.

Requests for heavy equipment and operators are being coordinated with private companies to supply four front-end loaders, one dump truck, one  grader, and one snowmelter, with operators sufficient to run 24-hours, are en route to assist the city.

Cordova continues its own efforts to remove obstructive snow and establish proactive measures for future potential issues. Local road crews have reopened one lane of the Copper River Highway to allow limited access to the airport during daylight hours only. The Bidarki Recreation Center has been designated as a shelter and is open as needed to residents who chose to relocate due to avalanche or roof-collapsing dangers.

The Alaska National Guard also planned to respond Sundayy to personnel and equipment requests for support in Cordova after weeks of record snowfall have left the city covered in more than 18 feet of snow.

Personnel in the Alaska National Guard’s Joint Operation Center responded to a resource request from the State Emergency Operation Center to send more than 50 Guard members, supplies and equipment to Cordova Sunday, weather permitting, to provide much needed support. - More...
Monday AM - January 09, 2012


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letter Free Cab Rides By Mellanie Isner - I just read that state wide there were 70 arrests for DUI during the holiday season. Ketchikanites were able to enjoy festivities on New Year's eve knowing there were free cab rides and bus service available to get home safely. - More...
Monday AM - January 09, 2012

letter A Response Regarding Ron Paul By Donald A. Moskowitz - A recent letter by Christopher Schelb in SitNews Viewpoints dated January 2, 2012  takes issue with my letter of December 28, 2011 concerning the contents of Ron Paul's newsletters of the 1980s and 1990s. I stand by the quotes contained in my letter. - More...
Monday AM - January 09, 2012

letter VON RYAN’S EXPRESS By David G. Hanger - I am curious, Congressman Ryan, are your Congressional office walls adorned with glossy photographs of serial killers; Dahmer, Gacy, Bundy, and others? A far more reasonable question than I know you are prepared to admit, but as an obsessed follower of Ayn Rand, surely you must be cognitive of the fact that serial killers were among those super humans of the ego and the id that she totemically admired so consistently. You require all members of your staff to be fully indoctrinated in the rather bizarre and insipid writings of Ayn Rand, thus one must assume you expect them to conduct themselves like true acolytes of this cult, and each has one lit cigarette in the mouth, one in each hand, and two still burning in the ash tray. - More...
Monday AM - January 09, 2012

letter Reckless Drivers By J. Gardner - I really would like to ask the drivers of Ketchikan to watch their speed. There are signs that tell you when you're driving in a school zone to reduce your speed. There are children in the area, I'm very concerned. - More...
Monday AM - January 09, 2012

letter Hundred Million Dollar Penny: Shine the light By A. M. Johnson - Hummm, several favorable comments regarding my post to "Lisa,Mark,Don" post regarding the out of control budget issue.

In response I then offer these responders the following video regarding what 100 Million Dollars represents to our National Debt. So enjoy what has and continues to happen as the blundering continues and our Country spirals towards the European Model. O! The President is on the verge of asking for another 1.5 Trillion dollars. - More...
Monday AM - January 02, 2012

letterRE: Ron Paul By Chris Schelb - This letter is in rebuttal to comments made by Donald Moskowitz that were published by SitNews on 12-28-11 regarding Ron Paul.  

Thank you not again for being the mouthpiece of AIPAC and Israel.  Normally I ignore your propaganda.  Your most recent letter goes to the extreme and reveals your true devotion and patriotism to Israel.  Many of your comments are slanted and appear to be the words of a true neo-con and promoter of war and not in the best interest of the US. - More...
Monday AM - January 02, 2012

letterRon Paul:  Unfit To Be President By Donald A. Moskowitz - Ron Paul disavowed knowledge of anti-Israel, possibly anti-Jewish, anti-black and anti-gay views expressed in his newsletters in the 1980s and1990s, but I assume he knew the contents of his newsletters.  He was the editor. - More...
Wednesday AM - December 28, 2011

letterWreck of the Ancon By John McDermott - In the summer of 1995 I was living in Ketchikan (I was born and raised in Alaska, and lived most of my life in Ketchikan). For no particular reason, I went to the local library. While there, I happened upon a few 'art' books that caught my eye, and so I took a couple of them home. In one of them I spotted a small image of a painting entitled 'Wreck of the Ancon,' which really got my attention when I realized that it was painted by Albert Bierstadt (one of the most talented and legendary painters of the late 19th century), and that it was also a 'local' scene (Loring Bay, near Ketchikan). Somehow, I got the urge to obtain a copy of that painting. But since I couldn't easily find a way to obtain a copy (no internet access in those days), I decided to paint a copy of it myself, in oil paint (I'd been an artist for many years, and had won the 'First Place' blue ribbon in the Professional Painting division at the then-famous annual Ketchikan Arts & Crafts Guild Art Show). - More...
Tuesday AM - December 27, 2011

letterTwo lessons for Lisa, Mark and Don By A. M. Johnson - In the interest of sharing how the National debt sizes up with our personal house hold budget, the following is submitted for public consumption. - More...
Tuesday AM - December 27, 2011

letterHelp Us Fire Congress By Roy T Newsom - The US Congress has continued to bargain away our future with the constant error of logic that compromise is necessary to get along with their political adversaries.  Ninety percent of the incumbents are re-elected every two years.  The same politicians that have caused all our problems are put back in office to continue the same mistakes over and over. - More...
Tuesday AM - December 27, 2011

letter"Over the Top Route Minimizes Natural Gas Benefits to Alaskans" By Bill Walker - Article VIII, Sections 1 and 2 of Alaska's Constitution mandate that "Alaska's resources are to be developed to the maximum use and benefit of its people." - More...
Tuesday - December 20, 2011

letterRe: Tonka timber sale By Alan R. McGillvray - Well folks the eco-communists are at it again, doing every thing they are able to keep people from gainful employment. To make us import our building supplies at greater expense than otherwise needed. Thereby increasing our "carbon footprint" on the planet, but that's probably OK with them, they drive around in their fancy cars, write big checks from money that doesn't come from local sources, just so they can have a pristine playground. - More...
Tuesday AM - December 20, 2011

letterRE: Biometric Scanning By Ken Leland - Why does this not surprise me? We already have "Big Brother" looking over our shoulder and examining our private lives. George Orwell was a true visionary, way ahead of his time.I have always said that 1984 authored by him should be mandatory reading for our students at least by middle school. - More...
Tuesday AM - December 20, 2011

letterRE: Biometric scanning By April Harper - I totally agree with Charlanne Thomas. I was also appalled when I received a letter from my child's school stating that they had their fingers scanned!! What makes them think they have the right to do something of that nature and level of privacy of a minor without the consent of their parents? - More...
Tuesday AM - December 20, 2011

letterThe Gravina Island Cleanup By Jerry Cegelske - The Gravina Island Cleanup began on July 1, 2006 after the Borough was notified that the grant request for a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Grant for Coastal Marine Habitat Restoration had been approved.  The cleanup activities ended on October 31, of this year with a last load of marine debris placed in the dumpster near the Harbormaster’s office. - More...
Saturday - December 17, 2011

letterBiometric Scanning By Charlanne Thomas - First of all, I would like to make it very clear that I am in no way criticizing the staff of Point Higgins School. I realize they have a difficult job and I appreciate their dedication to our children. My complaint is with technology that is implemented without my consent. Biometric scanning has been implemented at Point Higgins school in an attempt to alleviate manual input of student lunch records and supposedly the library. While I understand that we live in an age where technology is expected, this process was completed on my child without my approval. When I discovered that his finger had been scanned and stored as a "10-digit binary code", it was too late. His unique code has been stored and is available, whether it is deleted or not. I'm sure the School District backs up their systems on a nightly basis, and once something is in a system, it's there for years. - More...
Saturday - December 17, 2011

letterRESPONSIBLITY By Pamela Graff - Just before noon today [Thursday] I received a phone call from Houghtaling the school my daughter attends 2nd grade, stated that while waiting for the bus at Ketchikan Lakes Road and Deer Mount around 8am a dog had jumped up on her and broken her front tooth. She was in pain after eating lunch when the food hit her nerve. - More...
Saturday - December 17, 2011

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