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By David G. Hanger


January 09, 2012
Monday AM

I am curious, Congressman Ryan, are your Congressional office walls adorned with glossy photographs of serial killers; Dahmer, Gacy, Bundy, and others? A far more reasonable question than I know you are prepared to admit, but as an obsessed follower of Ayn Rand, surely you must be cognitive of the fact that serial killers were among those super humans of the ego and the id that she totemically admired so consistently. You require all members of your staff to be fully indoctrinated in the rather bizarre and insipid writings of Ayn Rand, thus one must assume you expect them to conduct themselves like true acolytes of this cult, and each has one lit cigarette in the mouth, one in each hand, and two still burning in the ash tray.

“There ain’t no ‘I’ in ‘we’,” played out on TV several years ago through a series of three ads with wide receiver “Leon,” a facsimile of such full-time jerks as Moss, Ochocinco, and Owens, and while “Leon” didn’t get it, and you are clearly incapable of getting it, dissociated individual achievement rarely in fact has any relevant consequence for any of the rest of us; and is thus relevant only to oneself. With “Leon” it was played for comedy’s sake; and to sell something; but with you, Congressman Ryan, we have a dull individual in search of justification and rationalization for extreme selfishness and greed, who in Ayn Rand has found a convenient cart to which to tie his itinerant horse. “Randism” is just the modern form of eugenics or social Darwinism, a piss-ant excuse for self-centered greed.

To what particular branch of this queer philosophy do you adhere? The “unapologetic elitism” of Ayn Rand herself, “It is the morality of altruism that men have to reject;” or do you prefer the coarser “rational selfishness” of lifetime loser Alan Greenspan, “Parasites who consistently avoid either purpose or reason perish as they should.” Both I assume, but which do you emphasize, Mr. Ryan?

I was curious to find out what made you tick; to determine how anyone could hate his fellow American citizens so much that he wanted to do everything and anything possible to shorten their lives, and to otherwise demean and degrade whatever life you choose to leave them. I am not entirely surprised to learn that you are obsessed with Ayn Rand to the point of lunacy. That explains a lot about your contempt for your fellow Americans.

We are paying a high price for the unfortunate fact that Ayn Rand in her childhood suffered considerable want for about 15 months as consequence of the Bolsheviks in Russia in 1917; a considerable leniency given the general inclinations of Bolsheviks towards Czarists, which definitely Ayn Rand and her family were. But it scarred Ayn Rand for life, and, regrettably for the rest of us, she was a writer of vivid and enticing prose. In her novella, “Anthem,” and in her two most remembered novels, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged she created worlds of alternative reality, a narrow form of science fiction, in which her characters are all creative and imaginative individualists, “prime movers,” beset by various elements of the “collective,” which are categorically labeled as “parasites,” “moochers,” and “looters.” Basically, Rand cherry picked across a broad spectrum of political and economic theory, particularly abundant in the first half of the twentieth century, to develop the philosophy she called “objectivism.”

Appealing to undergraduate college students because of its emphasis on virtually absolute self-centeredness, her “objectivist” philosophy has been referred to by at least one writer as a “gateway drug” to extreme right wing politics. “Anthem” entices the juvenile mind with its insipid alternative world wherein the collective has destroyed individual will to the point where the concept of “I” or “me” no longer exists. And, of course, our hero, realizing his individuality, rejects all this. It is a theme better done in the motion pictures THX1138, an excellent early performance by Robert Duvall, and Logan’s Run, a much weaker effort; and is perhaps the origin for the concept of the dreaded “Borgs.” It presupposes a world that cannot exist, for while we operate in many regards collectively, and most conveniently at that, we will always exist individually in our own cluttered heads.

The hero of The Fountainhead, architect Howard Roark, by contemporary standards is neither more nor less than a terrorist. A building he designs is subverted in its purpose; cheap elements and materials are introduced into its construction by others; and the use is converted, or by architect Roark’s standards, subverted. And so he “dynamites the building to prevent the subversion of his vision.” This in a nutshell is the conundrum of every creative individual with an innovative thought, concept, or invention since time began. The minute he or she turns it loose it is going to be converted, subverted, transcribed, inverted, decompiled and reconciled, etc., in the hands of others as fast as you can say boo. At that point it is nothing more than a cat in a bag; let loose domesticated to an extent, but otherwise it is going to do its own thing in its own time, no matter what you think to the contrary.

Roark’s notion that subversion of his vision allows him to blow up the neighborhood with dynamite would be like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates activating that super bug they have installed in all the computers they manufacture, and blow everybody’s computer up because instead of using them to increase productivity and ease human suffering, everybody is using them to play video games, or to gaze upon the naked bodies of others, while looking around for someone to sleep with. Etcetera.

In Atlas Shrugged Rand brings her conceptual vision and her philosophy into sharp focus. The “moochers,” the “looters,” and the “parasites” of the world are perpetually sponging off the brilliance, the greatness, the majesty of the “prime movers,” those super beings whose continued existence is validated by their superiority. And so the “prime movers” go on strike, remove themselves from the rest of the world (apparently they have all the money or real wealth already, you see), and, of course, the rest of the world goes to hell in a hand basket in no time at all.

And you really believe this crap. You actually think that you and a handful of your buds are superior beings, “prime movers,” and the rest of us are nothing but parasites of some kind, none of whom really deserve even to live. The great secret to Paul Ryan is suddenly exposed. You are dumber than a rock.

“The cemeteries are filled with indispensable men,” was Charles de Gaulle’s take on the subject. “No general ever won a battle,” Napoleon’s. The nihilistic vanity of a greased-down pipsqueak named Paul Ryan will be little more than a bug spatter on a windshield in final analysis, so rather than being blinded by your own reflected light, why don’t you try doing something beneficial for that constituency you so obviously despise.

All this crap we hear every day on TV from you, “Hedge Fund” Cantor, Boehner, McConnell, it’s right there; it is all from Ayn Rand. The “job creators,” the “prime movers,” are untouchable. Everything else must be dismantled and sacrificed on the altar of the “prime movers,” the only people in the world whose existence is in fact justified. The rest of us are “parasites,” “looters,” “moochers,” lesser beings whose existence is inconvenient, who must “perish as they should.”

Game called, Ryan. You are a bona fide contemporary monster.

You are also a con man, or the most self-deceiving fool on this planet; or is it in fact a matter of self-loathing combined with a nihilistic ingratitude? Your father, grandfather, and beyond have all died between the age of 55 and 59, and apparently you expect to do the same, so somehow contributing to, or even encouraging, someone else’s longevity is completely appalling to you, is it not? Particularly if they are a “moocher,” a “looter,” or a “parasite.” Only those “job creators” are real people in your eyes.

But you are what you hate, and absolutely nothing more. You paid your way through the very limited amount of college you attended using social security because your daddy died when you were a teen-ager. You have nothing but an undergraduate degree, and you have next to no private sector experience at all. A waiter, an office boy in a family construction operation, and a wienermobile driver. Otherwise, you have been on the lifetime government tit. More than that, you are a cheap bastard. You live in your office in the capitol building, unwarranted freebies courtesy of U.S. taxpayers. You are a hypocrite, a liar, and a fraud.

A wienermobile driver wants to dismantle Medicare, Social Security, and the U.S. government in general because he is dumb enough to believe that a dead Russian émigré’ has all the answers to the world’s problems, and if tens of millions die younger as consequence, what the hell?

Since when does anyone worry about what wienermobile drivers think?

But the 1st Congressional District of the State of Wisconsin has been sending this dufus to D.C. for the past decade, most recently by 70% margins at the polls. He despises his own constituency, but they elect him to office by 70%.

We actually have any number of people in this country today who believe that destroying Medicare, Social Security, the safety net in general, and eliminating Federal funding of all kinds at the regional and local level, will solve all of our problems. A whole lot of other folks do not agree with that at all.

So let’s prove it, one way or the other. Let’s conduct a test, a pilot project. The 1st Congressional District of the State of Wisconsin keeps electing this cretin, Paul Ryan, with 70% margins, so let’s just cut off all Federal funding to the 1st Congressional District. Ryan proposes it; they support him; it seems only logical to make them the test case, let’s see how Von Ryan’s Express works. The 30% who don’t support this guy, I recommend you relocate; and we’ll try it out on the rest of them. (We could even profit from side bets on how long it will take them to squeal.)

Paul Ryan and his ilk seek to degrade all of us, and in fact intend to kill us before our time. In his eyes, in his mind, we are all “looters,” “moochers,” “parasites,” but he thinks he is something different. In Russia today the average life span has declined to 59 years or less. In a century’s time in this country we have increased the average life span from 47 years to almost 80 years. Paul Ryan wants to reverse that process, to reduce the average life span of Americans because the majority of us are “looters,” “moochers,” or “parasites,” non-essential individuals whose very existence is not optimal. Paul Ryan decides whose existence is optimal.

A simple exercise in mathematics. Adolf Hitler it is said was responsible for the deaths of 50 million people. If we assume he shortened their lives on average by 30 years (actually a high number), then he destroyed 1.5 billion man years of human life. Eliminating the safety net in place today would definitely reduce the average life span of Americans perceptibly within a period of three years. If the average life span of 300 million Americans is reduced by only five years, 1.5 billion man years of human life will be destroyed. I do not believe that Paul Ryan wants to stop at five years. I think Paul Ryan wants 20 to 25 years per person, a rollback to 50 to 55 years of age. That’s all apparently the males in Paul Ryan’s family get, and that’s the most the rest of us deserve. And look at all the tax money we will save. At that point Von Ryan’s Express outclasses the guy with the funny moustache, as a destroyer of human life, by a factor of four or five.

See it for what it is, people; the numbers do not lie. What these people are trying to accomplish is unadulterated evil, and as front man for this crap Congressman Paul Ryan is a contemporary monster. And I bet he will tell you he is pro-life.

David G. Hanger
Ketchikan, AK


Received - Published January 09, 2012



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