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Re: Tonka timber sale
By Alan R. McGillvray


December 20, 2011
Tuesday AM

Well folks the eco-communists are at it again, doing every thing they are able to keep people from gainful employment. To make us import our building supplies at greater expense than otherwise needed. Thereby increasing our "carbon footprint" on the planet, but that's probably OK with them, they drive around in their fancy cars, write big checks from money that doesn't come from local sources, just so they can have a pristine playground.

We were a successful logging community before these educated idiots showed up, and we could be again. Just get rid of these idiots, who operate on donated money, (just like their President Oblama) never held a real job, wherein one gets up in the morning girds one's loins with the needed gear, and goes out to; dig a ditch, hammer some nails, pour cement, etc. Nope not them elitist folks, that sounds and seems SO plebian.

Has anyone seen a picture in the Historical society's archives that shows Deer Mountain totally denuded of trees. I think probably NOT, but yes folks it's there somewhere. I was browsing the archives one day and found the picture. I do wish I had saved it. My point being of course, is that Southeast Alaska is the perfect place for timber harvests. I do believe that 50 years is too short a time for re-harvest (as the Forest Circus told us we could do, when they let the pulp mill go into operation). That being said, let's get SE Alaska working again and stop all this contention from going on.


Alan R. McGillvray
Ketchikan, AK

About: "Long-time Ketchikan and Alaskan resident since 1952."

Received December 19, 2011 - Published December 20, 2011

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