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SitNews - Stories In The News - Ketchikan, Alaska
November 23, 2011

Front Page Photo By CARL THOMPSON

Happy Thanksgiving
Diogenes, a pet turkey living in Ketchikan.
Front Page Photo By CARL THOMPSON

Christmas Tree Lighting - The Ketchikan Community Christmas Tree Lighting is on Sunday, November 27, at 4pm on Berth 3.

Ketchikan: Ketchikan Police Report - On Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2011, Officers arrested NICHOLAS CHATHAM, 22 years of age, of Ketchikan Alaska, for an outstanding warrant.  He was booked at the Ketchikan Correctional Center and held on $10,000.00 bail. - More...
Wednesday - November 23, 2011


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Ketchikan: Alcatraz to San Francisco Freestyle - Three Ketchikan Indian Community members recently took the plunge October 17th when they swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco.  The approximate 1.4 mile swim was part of an educational and experiential San Francisco-based Alcatraz swim program sponsored by Path Star which is a non-profit organization committed to inspiring and revitalizing sustainable health and well-being practices within the Native American community.

Alcatraz to San Francisco Freestyle

KIC Tribal Health Clinic Nurse Ruth Pechay (center), in the background is her daughter Anita Pechay-Seludo (slightly submerged)
Photo Credit:  Unknown , Photo Courtesy KIC

Ruth Pechay and Bill Hardy of Ketchikan Indian Community Tribal Health Clinic and Anita Pechay-Seludo, Ruth’s daughter, were the first Alaska Tribe members to participate in the event which has been held for the last nine years.

Ruth Pechay, 36, in her statement to PathStar wrote that her journey to Alcatraz would help her Native community better their health. Pechay said she wants to be a role model for her children, family, friends and community and to help them know that diabetes can be prevented.

After conquering the Alcatraz swim and learning a new life style, Pechay said she wants to share what she has learned with her family, friends, and community. Pechay wrote, "I’d like to show them, if I can DO IT, they can DO IT! Anyone can wake up and decide to make their lives better."

Anitamarie Pechay-Seludo, 19, in her statement to PathStar said that when she heard about the Alcatraz Swim it was definitely a big chllenge that would push her to another level of success, not for just herself but for her family also. "This will challenge me and motivate me into staying in shape and to keep living a healthier lifestyle. Attending to this challenge would make me not just a better person but also motivate me down a better positive path and achieve my goals and motivate teens and adults around my community," said Pechay-Seludo.

Bill Hardy, 61, in his statement to PathStar said he would like to bring the experience back home to apply in his own life on a continuing basis, for self motivation, and to motivate others in his role as medical social worker for the Ketchikan Indian Tribal Health clinic and the diabetes team. "Finally, I would like to challenge my own family members who have diabetes and for those who do not to maintain their health," said Hardy.

Each day for a week everyone in the group started and ended their day with a swim. In between swims, the 12 member group from the Pine Ridge in South Dakota, the Colville Tribe in Washington and Ketchikan Indian Community in Alaska participated in lifestyle coaching, nutritional education, and other activities that emphasized a healthy diet and exercise using whole foods, organically grown vegetables and lifestyle changes. The goal for the participants was to bring this knowledge back to their local communities along with their inspiration to Ketchikan Indian Community tribal members. A goal of constructing a community greenhouse in Ketchikan was suggested by Ruth Pechay. - More...
Wednesday PM - November 23, 2011

Southeast Alaska: Wrangell adzers use both ancient and modern techniques for making bentwood boxes - Steam pours from a steam box supported by a partially adzed plank as local adzers Susie Kasinger, Linda Churchill and Tammi Meissner prepare to insert cedar boards. Master carver Wayne Price quickly closes the lid and they let the boards absorb the steam for 10 minutes.

Wrangell adzers use both ancient and modern techniques for making bentwood boxes

Under the gentle direction of Wayne Price, the adzers had carefully placed cross cut and carved dovetail shaped dados evenly spaced along the length of the boards the previous day. They then bundled the boards, tied them together using lengths of rubber and weighted them with rocks. Finally, they sunk the board bundle to the bottom of the harbor below the low tideline and left them for 24 hours.

“They didn’t sink on the first try,” said Tammi Meissner. “We didn’t have a big enough rock and when we threw the boards in the water, they floated the rock!” She laughs and then says “Wayne said to us ‘Always a work in progress.’ So, we added another rock and now it’s nice and heavy.”

A pressure cooker sitting on a propane camp stove heats the water and produces the steam for the steam box. The steam travels through a tube attached to the pressure valve on the top of the cooker to the wooden steam box. Inside the box, cleats hold the boards and allow the steam to reach the most surface area. The box can be opened at either end with a removable lid and wood chips or other materials are stuffed in any cracks where steam escapes.

When the boards are ready, the bending goes fast and it suddenly seems noisy in the shed with two boards being bent by two groups of two people each while the radio plays local station KSTK loudly in the background.

“Are you ready?” Wayne Price asks adzer Linda Churchill. Then, “nice and easy” he comments as she begins to bend her board.

“You want me to hold that?” Susie Kasinger asks Tammi Meissner and comes over to help as Tammi also attempts to bend her board. Once Linda gets her board bent all the way around, she holds it in place while Wayne wraps strips of rubber tightly two times around then ties the strip off to itself. In the meantime, Tammi can’t get her board to make the last bend so she unbends it and puts it back in the steamer for a few more minutes. - More...
Wednesday PM - November 23, 2011

Ketchikan: Edwardson to Assume Statewide & Southeast Positions - Ketchikan Indian Community Workforce Development Director, Chas. Edwardson, has been named to the Alaska Workforce Investment Board by Governor Sean Parnell.  News of the appointment was made public recently.  The vision of the AWIB is to build connections that put Alaskans into good jobs.  Job training has been a passion of Edwardson for many years.

Edwardson to Assume Statewide & Southeast Positions

Chas Edwardson manning a booth at KIC’s Annual Meeting Saturday November 19, 2011
 Photo Credit:  Cliff Guthrie

Edwardson was also elected President of the State of Alaska Homebuilders Association and was named to a two year term on the Southeast Conference Board of Directors.  When asked how he would balance his busy schedule of meetings he said, “I have balanced for many years my training efforts and various board meetings with running a successful general contracting company.  By prioritizing what’s on the agenda for the day its simple.  First address that issue and move on to the next.  It’s really not any different than many of us do each day in a business that we love.  Construction and construction training is what I love to do so anything that promotes those efforts is really just part of my job”. - More...
Wednesday PM - November 23, 2011

Alaska: Focused Anti- DUI Campaign Patrols Underway - The Anti-DUI enforcement effort by the Alaska State Troopers and local law enforcement agencies for the Thanksgiving holiday is more than halfway complete. The enhanced patrols will continue through November 27th. The Alaska State Troopers and local law enforcement agencies are encouraging motorists to continue making smart choices when getting behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. - More...
Wednesday PM - November 23, 2011

Alaska: Landlords Responsible to Install Smoke and CO Alarms - Alaska State Fire Marshal David Tyler is reminding owners of rental housing units that they are required to have working smoke alarms installed in their rental units. Tyler adds, "Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms are also required if the housing units use carbon based fueled appliances or have attached garages." Once a tenant moves into the rental property, it is the tenant’s responsibility to maintain the smoke and CO alarms.

State Statute AS 18.70.095 explains the requirements for smoke and CO alarms. Landlords and tenants should work together to ensure a save living environment in the rental home. - More...
Wednesday PM - November 23, 2011


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letter RE: Allegations & Shame on the Press By Elena James - In regards to the shame letter to the press: It is not the reporters who are to blame for bad news. Regardless of Shay's actions, there is freedom of the press and the public has the right to be informed. The shame is to be shouldered by guilty parties, not by the curious public or publishers. - More...
Tuesday AM - November 22, 2011

letter Honor not deserved By Bobbie McCreary- I for one, am very uncomfortable with Mr. Shay's photo appearing on the wall of our Borough Assembly room- when I looked at it I saw the same picture I viewed on an online news site when the story broke. - More...
Tuesday AM - November 22, 2011

letter Alleged Charges By Jacquie O'Sullivan - If you read the comments in the Anchorage [online] newspaper you will see diverse opinions on the article in their paper. There were over 250 comments. One of the comments was [said to be] from a grandmother in Juneau that had reported Mr. Shay of abuse of her grandchild in Juneau many years ago. Nothing was done. That is really a shame since his [alleged] actions continued for many more years. - More...
Tuesday AM - November 22, 2011

letter RE: Allegations & Shame on the Press By Marcia Hilley - George Hancock expressed my opinion completely, except for one thing. - More...
Tuesday AM - November 22, 2011

letter PARNELL'S GASLINE SHIFT IS A GOOD START By Bill Walker - Governor Parnell recently acknowledged that due to shale gas developments Alaska must change course and export its gas to the premium Asian markets. Owners of Lower 48 and West Coast Canadian liquefied natural gas (LNG) receiving terminals are likewise accepting market realities and converting their LNG receiving facilities into export terminals.  Consequently Parnell now agrees that it is time for Alaska to build a gasline to tidewater to export LNG to Asia. - More...
Saturday - November 19, 2011

letter Obama's Oil Abdication By U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski - Last week the Obama administration proposed a modest expansion of offshore oil drilling in the Arctic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico in its first concessions on offshore production since last year's Deepwater Horizon spill. The five-year plan would, however, keep Atlantic and Pacific sites off-limits in order to avoid a controversial decision before the 2012 election. - More...
Saturday - November 19, 2011

letter RE: Allegations & Shame on the Press By George Hancock - After reading Kelly Ludwig-Johnson's letter to SitNews, I have to say a few words regarding her letter. - More...
Saturday - November 19, 2011

letter RE: Allegations & Shame on the Press By Lynn Cochran - To error is Human? In my opinion, this man is not human. I would consider him to be a monster in disguise. If he is convicted of these allegations in the end, then my only hope will be that he is recongnized for who and what he's done to these children, NOT what he's done for the community of Ketchikan. - More...
Saturday - November 19, 2011

letter RE: Allegations & Shame on the Press By Renee Tacker - I respect Ms. Johnson's dismay at hearing about the horrible things that have alleged to have been done by Ketchikan resident, Mr. Shay. I have been struggling for days with a way to put into words my own point of view without somehow disrespecting hers. So, please, Ms. Johnson, please know that I respect what you're saying and I see what you mean, but at the same time I would like to express my own. - More...
Saturday - November 19, 2011

letter RE: Allegations & Shame on the Press By Marty West - I appreciate Kelly Ludwig-Johnson's compassion. It is commendable but I have none for Jack Shay. - More...
Saturday - November 19, 2011

letter Allegations & Shame on the Press By Kelly Ludwig-Johnson - I have to say that I am shocked to hear of the recent allegations against Jack Shay. I have known this man most of my life, working on my first play with him when I was 17. He has given many years of service to this community and brought Community Theater to life in a small town where distractions from the weather and isolation were welcome. - More...
Tuesday PM - November 15, 2011

letter Time Running Out For Iran By Donald A. Moskowitz - Recently the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency, who thoroughly investigated the Iranian nuclear development program, concluded Iran is developing nuclear weapons.  The evidence, including satellite images, overwhelmingly points to the manufacture of nuclear weapons within the short term, probably on the order of a number of months to a year.  U.S. intelligence information corroborates this assessment. - More...
Tuesday PM - November 15, 2011

letter Yates Building By Matthew Elberson - Although it might seem like a good idea to re-purpose this historic structure, be very careful as there could be a number of reasons why this is a bad idea. - More...
Tuesday PM - November 15, 2011

letter APOC runs amok! By John Harrington - David Scott violated the rules when he sent an email before he filed ‘an intent to run for office’ with APOC. At least so says the Alaska Public Office Commission! - More...
Thursday - November 10, 2011

letter State Commission’s Rejection of S. 730 Merits Praise By Myla Poelstra - On October 28, 2011, the State of Alaska Citizen’s Advisory Commission on Federal Areas held a public meeting where testimony was taken on S. 730 and HR. 1408, the Sealaska Land Bills, now before Congress. - More...
Thursday - November 10, 2011

letter Schoenbar Lego Robotics Club By Frankie Urquhart - I want to publicly thank all of the people who helped out with the Schoenbar Lego Robotics Club Indian Taco Fundraiser two weeks ago. I would like to thank A&P who was so generous and donated almost all of our food; Ketchikan Daily News for running our advertisement for the event; Carrie James-Dodson and Dan Dodson for organizing and cooking at the actual event, and all the parent and student volunteers who donated their time to help. I also wanted to thank all of the community members who turned out to support this program. - More...
Thursday - November 10, 2011

letter Obama Jobs Bill By A.M.Johnson - If Lisa's continued reign were up for a vote today I suppose we both would vote in opposition to her, however for different reasons. - More...
Thursday - November 10, 2011

letter Party Politics By Chris Elliott - Wow! The wealthiest Americans have a responsibility to invigorate infrastructure? As for the Jobs Bill, how has that worked out for us taxpayers in the past? The only thing shovel ready in the last few years has been the rhetoric. - More...
Thursday - November 10, 2011

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