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APOC runs amok!
By John Harrington


November 10, 2011

David Scott violated the rules when he sent an email before he filed ‘an intent to run for office’ with APOC. At least so says the Alaska Public Office Commission!

To state that an email is ‘an expenditure’ is the height of absurdity. Hmmm, let’s calculate that cost and see. David Scott has an email account. The cost of that email account doesn’t change after he sent an email, so what is the expenditure? Effort? Desire?

By an extension of APOC logic, you cannot file for office legally. After all you must expend effort and buy a stamp (a real expenditure) in order to file your intention with APOC. Thus that expenditure violates the law because you spent money before filing.

This is not about Scott’s candidacy; I don’t know who I will support in the election. But over-reaching Government is alive and well throughout America. It is sad to see that APOC succumbed to that rampant disease.

Perhaps APOC should file with APOC as a political entity attempting to influence a local race.... No I am not serious about that, but I firmly believe that APOC has more important things to do than nitpick the rules to this degree.

John Harrington
Ketchikan, AK


Received November 09, 2011 - Published November 10, 2011


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