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Hundred Million Dollar Penny: Shine the light
By A. M. Johnson


January 02, 2012
Monday AM

Editor Sitnews,

Hummm, several favorable comments regarding my post to "Lisa,Mark,Don" post regarding the out of control budget issue.

In response I then offer these responders the following video regarding what 100 Million Dollars represents to our National Debt. So enjoy what has and continues to happen as the blundering continues and our Country spirals towards the European Model. O! The President is on the verge of asking for another 1.5 Trillion dollars.


One Hundred Million Dollar Penny

And these same remarking persons, to a soul were completely unaware of the pending end of incandescent light bulbs. Total amazement that they are to be outlawed for sale in America and other Countries, including Canada. Your Government working for you!! Ignorance is total bliss!!


Ketchikan, AK

Received December 28, 2011 - Published January 02, 2012



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