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Biometric Scanning
By Ken Leland


December 20, 2011
Tuesday AM

Why does this not surprise me? We already have "Big Brother" looking over our shoulder and examining our private lives. George Orwell was a true visionary, way ahead of his time.I have always said that 1984 authored by him should be mandatory reading for our students at least by middle school.

To make matters even worse, we have even wholeheartedly accepted this intrusion in our lives in the name of "efficiency". Even well meaning bureaucrats fall into this trap to the advantage of those with ulterior motives,namely total control over peoples lives.I hope that the local school board wakes up to this intrusion and cancels this program.

Thanks to a vigilant mother for bringing this to everyone's attention.God Bless you.

Ken Leland
Ketchikan, AK

About: "35 year resident of Ketchikan"

Received December 18, 2011 - Published December 20, 2011

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