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November 29, 2003


Front Page Photo - Saxman, Alaska

Saxman, Alaska
Front Page Photo by Carl Thompson

Alaska: UA, APEA Reach Labor Agreement - The University of Alaska announced Wednesday that a tentative agreement for a new three-year labor contract was reached last week with representatives of Alaska Higher Education Crafts & Trades Employees, Local 6070, APEP/AFT (AFL-CIO). - Read more...
Saturday - November 29, 2003 - 12:30 am

National: Stubborn Issues Unresolved for Congress - ....In another issue that pitted Republicans against Republicans, House Transportation Committee Chairman Don Young, R-Alaska, wanted $375 billion to fund highway projects over the next six years, more than $100 billion above what the administration was willing to spend. Young's

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proposal to raise the gas tax to pay for the extra projects met strong opposition from tax-allergic Republicans, and a decision on the bill had to be put off. - Read this story...
The Sentinel - link posted Saturday - November 29, 2003 - 12:30 am

Alaska: 139 cruise ships, whales to share Alaska waters - The National Park Service has decided to maintain the status quo on how many cruise ships will be allowed to enter the whale-filled waters of Glacier Bay National Park. - Read more...
Seattle Times - link posted Saturday - November 29, 2003 - 12:30 am

Alaska: Sealift to remove 100-year-old herd from remote island begins - After years of unsuccessful attempts, a bargeload of wild cattle has been rounded up and removed from Chirikof Island, a wildlife refuge in the North Pacific. A landing craft with about 40 head was expected to reach Kodiak late Friday night, according to the cowboy entrepreneurs who organized the sealift. - Read more...
Anchorage Daily News - link posted Saturday - November 29, 2003

Alaska: Pounding surf unearths Port Heiden graves - The Alaska Peninsula town of Port Heiden started digging up bodies and moving them Friday after high tides and strong winds swept at least three coffins from a bluff over the past five days and threatened another cemetery, according to villagers. - Read more...
Anchorage Daily News - link posted Saturday - November 29, 2003

Alaska: Rape records broken down - The typical victim of a sexual assault in Anchorage is a young white or Native female who has been drinking, according to a report released this week by researchers at the University of Alaska Anchorage Justice Center. - Read more...
Anchorage Daily News - link posted Saturday - November 29, 2003

30th ALET graduating class
photo courtesy AK Dept. of Public Safety

Alaska: 30th ALET Graduation Ceremonies - Graduation ceremonies for the 30th ALET (Alaska Law Enforcement Training) class of the Department of Public Safety Training Academy in Sitka were held November 21st in Sitka's Centenial Hall. Thirty-three trainees representing 12 different agencies took the oath to become state certified law enforcement officers. Graduates heard comments from Commissioner William Tandeske, Department of Public Safety; Colonel Julia Grimes, Director of the Alaska State Troopers; and from Lt. Governor Loren Leman who made an unscheduled appearance.

Recruits completed 14 weeks of rigorous physical training and challenging academics to graduate. Recruits with the Alaska State Troopers will continue their training for an additional three weeks; covering information which is specific to the Troopers. They will then be assigned to field training in Fairbanks, Soldotna or Palmer (see list below). In addition to training recruits for the Department of Public Safety the academy also trains municipal police officers from around the state, Village Public Safety Officers, students from the University of Alaska law enforcement program, Civil Air Patrol cadets, State Fire Marshals, Military Security, Airport Police, and others. - More...
Saturday - November 29, 2003 - 12:30 am

Ketchikan: Reminder - USDA Approved Cash Benefits for Alaska's Pacific Salmon Fishers; Applications Being Accepted in Ketchikan For TAA Program, Deadline is Jan. 20, 2004 - Applications for this program are currently being accepted by the Alaska Farm Service Agency in the Ketchikan Hub office located in the Job Service Center at 2030 Sea Level Drive, Suite 220, Ketchikan, Alaska. - More details...
Follow-up link posted Saturday - November 29, 2003 - 12:30 am

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The Little Glass Mountain obsidian flow...
Photo courtesy Helge Gonnermann/UC Berkeley

Science: What makes volcanoes explode? It's the bubbles - Two University of California, Berkeley, geophysicists have proposed an explanation for the unpredictable nature of volcanic eruptions, why volcanoes sometimes ooze lava, but at other times explode in showers of ash and pumice.

"One of the central problems of volcanoes is: Why do they erupt and why do they alternate between relatively benign effusive eruptions and destructive explosive eruptions?" said Michael Manga, UC Berkeley associate professor of earth and planetary science. "This hypothesis helps us understand why it happens and how it happens." - Read more...
Saturday - November 29, 2003 - 12:30 am



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