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October 30, 2003


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'USCG's Haunted Ship '
photo by Chris Wilhelm

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Termination Dust - Ward Cove
photo by Chris Wilhelm

Termination Dust - Deer Mountain
photo by Carl Thompson

Ketchikan - Front Page Photo: 'USCG's Haunted Ship ' The United States Coast Guard held its Haunted Ship Halloween event at the downtown dock Wednesday evening. - More scheduled Halloween events...
Thursday - October 30, 2003 - 1:45 am

Alaska: Governor Wins Approval of Grants to Rural Communities; 131 Communities to Receive $40,000 Each for FY 04 - Murkowski administration OMB Director Cheryl Frasca gained Legislative Budget and Audit committee approval Wednesday of a proposal to provide minimum funding of $40,000 to each of 131 small municipalities in the state for FY04. An earlier revenue-sharing proposal in July was over-ruled by LB&A, which instead reallocated more funding to urban municipalities and less to rural communities. Governor Frank H. Murkowski directed OMB to make the second proposal to ensure that each community would have at least $40,000 to "make them whole." - Read more...
Thursday - October 30, 2003 - 1:45 am

Alaska: AK Democrats Say Attorney General Again Tries to Delay Public Vote & Fails; Democrats want public vote on initiative to elect rather than appoint U.S. Senate vacancies - According to the Alaska Democrates, Attorney General Gregg Renkes attempted on Tuesday to further delay the public vote on an initiative to elect rather than appoint U.S. Senate vacancies. Quoting a news release from the Alaska Democrats, the Attorney General filed a motion to extend the previously established briefing schedule into mid November; upon review Superior Court Judge Mark Rindner denied the motion without comment.

"This filibuster of the people's right to vote by the Murkowski administration has got to end - and soon," said Representative Eric Croft (D-Anchorage) after hearing the decision. "We are counting on the courts to uphold our Alaska initiative rights." - Read more...
Thursday - October 30, 2003 - 1:45 am

photo by Carl Thompson

photosAlaska: Stevens Meets with Governor-Elect Schwarzenegger - Senator Ted Stevens, President Pro Tempore and Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, met with California Governor-Elect Arnold Schwarzenegger Wednesday during his official visit to Washington, D.C.

Stevens, along with Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, M.D., welcomed the Governor-Elect to Capitol Hill. The group discussed a number of matters of mutual concern including the forest fires ravaging Southern California. During the meeting Senator Stevens told Mr. Schwarzenegger about Alaska's Disaster Recovery Centers, which provide Alaskans with a central location to receive information and assistance from federal and state agencies following a major disaster. - View photo..
Thursday - October 30, 2003 - 1:45 am

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Alaska: Stevens critic loses RuralCAP job; Tribal advocate says she was told to resign after calling remarks "racist."- Vernita Herdman, the tribal advocate who used the word "racist" in characterizing a remark Sen. Ted Stevens made a few weeks ago, was forced out of her job this week at the nonprofit Rural Alaska Community Action Program. - Read more...
Anchorage Daily News - October 30, 2003

Alaska: Seven priests abused children - Five Catholic priests sexually abused minors within the Anchorage Archdiocese since 1966, the archdiocese announced in a special report Wednesday. Two more priests abused minors before they came to Alaska, the report says. - Read more...
Anchorage Daily News - October 30, 2003

Alaska: Fisheries group researches impoundment - Alaska fishermen may be able to make more money off their catches if they hold the fish live for a while before selling. - Read more...
Juneau Empire - October 30, 2003

Alaska: Company could bring natural gas to the area - Alaska Intrastate Gas Co. is conducting a marketing and feasibility study for bringing natural gas service to Juneau and 16 other communities in Southeast and Central Alaska. - Read more...
Juneau Empire - October 30, 2003

Alaska: University of Alaska union votes for strike if talks fail - Most University of Alaska faculty members who teach lower-division and vocational courses have authorized their union to call a strike. But teachers and university administrators, who return to the bargaining table today in Anchorage, said they are hopeful a strike will be averted. - Read more...
Juneau Empire - October 30, 2003

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Mike Reagan: Greens Turn California Black - As a friend of mine said, "If my house had burned down in the California fires I think I'd get a flame thrower and go looking for an environmentalist's house to return the favor."

He's right. These fires which have killed a number of people and devastated 800 square miles of Southern California, leaving it black and smoldering, and destroyed more than 1,600 houses are solely the fault of the tree-hugging Greens who hate humanity while claiming to love the very forests their own insanely destructive policies are burning to a crisp. - Read more...
Thursday - October 30, 2003 - 12:45 am

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