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October 05, 2003


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Creek Street
Front Page Photo by Dick Kauffman

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Peace Monument
Official U.S. Coast Guard photo
courtesy Loran Station Attu

photosAlaska: Coast Guard, Japanese repair monument to fallen soldiers; 2003 marks 60th anniversary of the Battle of Attu - In a cooperative effort the Coast Guard and Japanese metal technicians repaired the Peace Monument located at the summit of Engineer Hill on Attu Island. The monument was damaged in a spring 2002 storm. Crews erected a strengthened monument during the week of August 25.

Japanese forces took Attu Island during the summer of 1942. The Japanese occupied the island with 2,300 men. American forces began a 19-day campaign to retake the island on May 11, 1943.  The battle is regarded as one of the bloodiest of World War II. American forces landed at opposite ends of the island and met in the middle. Of the 2,300 Japanese all but 528 were killed in battle, 500-committed suicide and the 28 who survived were taken prisoner. American forces suffered 549 casualties. The Battle of Attu was the first battle to be fought on American soil since the War of 1812. - Read more
Friday - October 03, 2003 - 12:50 am

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North Tongass Fire Department's New Fire Engine arrived Sunday...
photo by Dick Kauffman

photosKetchikan: North Tongass Fire Department Off To A Good Start - According to Fire Chief Steve De Chellis, the North Tongass Fire Department is off to a good start.

Chief De Chellis reported that Jerry Kiffer is their new EMS/Lieutenant and Kiffer is working hard to train the department's members in Basic Life Support and to prepare for the arrival of the North Tongass Fire Department's new Ambulance - which is expected in mid-December. Kiffer is also working in conjunction with the Ketchikan Fire Department's EMS Department. According to Chief De Chellis Jerry Kiffer has 18 years of both Emergency Medical and Fire Fighting experience. - Read more...
Friday - October 03, 2003 - 12:50 am

Dick Morris Columnist: Dean's E-Reform - As he surges into the fund- raising lead among the Democratic '04 presidential contenders, Howard Dean is also catalyzing the most far-reaching of reforms in campaign finance. Indeed, the Dean campaign will likely mark the end of the big money era in our politics, when campaigns were dominated by ultra-wealthy donors or special interests contributing massive amounts of money. - Read more...
Friday - October 03, 2003 - 12:50 am

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Alaska: Our Alaska Show to Expand on Gasline Issue - "Our Alaska" to Expand on Natural Gas Pipeline Issue / TV Show to Include More of "60 Minutes" Interview with Lesley Stahl.

Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski will present the case for the Alaska Highway route for the Alaska natural gas pipeline in his weekly television program, "Our Alaska," airing Friday evening on statewide cable and satellite TV systems. He will discuss both the enabling provisions and fiscal incentives in the federal energy bill, and why their passage is vital to Alaska and the nation. - Read more...
Friday - October 03, 2003 - 12:50 am

photosArctic: Scientists Use Satellite To "Pond-er" melted Arctic Ice - NASA researchers and other scientists used a satellite combined with aircraft video to create a new technique for detecting ponds of water on top of Arctic sea ice. Until now, it was not possible to accurately monitor these ponds on ice from space.

Water that forms on sea ice during the summer, called a melt pond, absorbs the Sun's energy rather than reflecting it back to space the way ice does. The balance between reflected and absorbed energy has a large effect on Arctic and global climate. When more ponds of water form on the Arctic sea ice cover in early summer, more heat is absorbed, causing the Arctic's sea ice cover to melt faster during the summer. Knowledge of when and where these melt ponds form will help scientists calculate the balance of energy in the Arctic and improve their knowledge and projections of climate both regionally and globally. - Read more...
Friday - October 03, 2003 - 12:50 am




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