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'USCG's Haunted Ship '
Photo by Chris Wilhelm


October 30, 2003
Thursday - 12:45 am


Anthony Petit - USCG's Haunted Ship

Ketchikan. AK - The United States Coast Guard held its Haunted Ship Halloween event at the downtown dock Wednesday from 5-9pm.


More Halloween events:

October 31: All City Halloween Party at the Plaza Port Mall

Visit with the library staff at "Pooh's Corner" during the annual All City Halloween Party at the Plaza Port West Mall from 4-8pm.

October 31: Haunted Rainforest - Alaska Discovery Center

Come walk through the Discovery Center's Haunted Rainforest. Along the way you will meet characters from "All Hollows Eve", Alaska Rain Forest critters, and the ghostly Miner of prospecting days gone by. Check out special events in the Theater, Learning Center and Trip Planning. Visit the Alaska Natural History Assoc. bookstore where we offer 15% off all purchases. Bring a non-perishable donation for the local food bank. The Haunted Rainforest is open to children ages 5 to 12 accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Walk through the dimly lit Rainforest and look for Sasquatch.

See the Devilfish in the Ecosystems Room.

Visit the Kushtaka in the Native Traditions Room.

Ask a couple of Ghosts of Gold Miners if they have found any gold in the Resources Room.

Watch a spider movie in the Trip Planning Room and pick up an activity page.

Crafts, Games and other Scary Discoveries.



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