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October 23, 2004

Front Page Photo by Bill Hollywood

'Thomas Basin Sunrise'
Front Page Photo by Bill Hollywood

jpg Salmon...

A bear ate the brain of this male pink salmon...
Photograph by Mark Wipfli

Alaska: Salmon nose deep into Alaska ecosystems by Ned Rozell - During a good year in Bristol Bay, a surge of more than 100 million pounds of sockeye salmon fights its way upstream, spawns, and dies. In Bristol Bay and elsewhere in Alaska, this incredible pulse of salmon carcasses enriches streams and rivers and makes young salmon hardier.

That's the finding of scientists who study Alaska streams and rivers that are teeming with salmon. Aquatic ecologist Mark Wipfli of the University of Alaska Fairbanks' Institute of Arctic Biology is one of those scientists who pull on rubber boots to find the ways that salmon enhance the waters of their birth and the surrounding forests. - More...
Saturday - October 23, 2004

jpg Ketchikan Youth Court

Ketchikan Youth Court Board Members Cheryl Fultz, Jonathan Makua, Sean Fultz, and Courtney Enright presented the award of appreciation for support of the Ketchikan Youth Court Program to Ketchikan City Mayor Bob Weinstein.
Photo by Gretchen Klein ©2004


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Ketchikan: Ketchikan City Council Recognized for Its Support of KYC - During the City Council meeting Thursday evening, members of the Ketchikan Youth Court (KYC) presented a plaque to the City Council in appreciation of their support for the KYC organization. - More...
Saturday - October 23, 2004

Ketchikan Columnist

jpg Dave KifferDave Kiffer: It's a guilt thing - Like many other locals I have been somewhat amused (and a whole lot aghast) at the proliferation of jewelry stores in Ketchikan's Combat Shopping Zone over the last few years. We've always had a few local jewelry stores meeting the needs of locals and visitors but is there any logical explanation for 43 purveyors of fine gem stones to be located in downtown Ketchikan each summer?

You hear of a lot of odd explanations such as:

"People buy jewelry on vacation."

Funny, I haven't seen Zsa Zsa Gabor or Liz Taylor getting off the boats lately. Most of the people I see wandering around the streets carrying their "shopping" maps don't seem all that well off (which explains why they are drawn like moths to "70 percent off," "going out of business" and "your lucky cabin number" sales). Maybe that's why "loose" diamonds are so popular - most of the shoppers can't afford the settings as well. - More...
Saturday - October 23, 2004

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June Allen Column

photosThe State Capitol and Its Marble and keeping the capital in Juneau - A recent news item in the Anchorage daily paper mentioned that a group of Juneau boosters, chaired by Mayor Bruce Botelho, hope to build a new Alaska Capitol building to be leased to the state at completion. They call themselves the Capitol Planning Commission and expect to announce a nationwide design competition in November. A new Capitol building would replace Juneau's present six-story Art Deco treasure. The old six-story building, its imposing façade featuring four gracious marble columns quarried in Southeastern Alaska, is a stately structure matching the grandeur of the setting that is home to picturesque downtown Juneau. - Read the rest of this story by June Allen...
Wednesday - October 20, 2004

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