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SitNews - Stories In The News - Ketchikan, Alaska
July 07, 2011

Front Page Photo By JACY PIERSON

POW: Pup with Mother Otter
Front Page Photo By JACY PIERSON

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Duke Island Recognized for Cultural Significance – For generations of Southeast Alaska Natives, Duke Island has held significant cultural value. Now, the U.S. Forest Service and the State Historical Preservation Office (SHPO) have made an effort to recognize this area, naming the island eligible for listing as a “traditional cultural property” in the National Register of Historic Places.

A traditional cultural property (TCP) is eligible for inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places because of its association with cultural practices or beliefs of a living community. The site must be one that is both rooted in that community's history and important in maintaining the continuing cultural identity of the community.

The Forest Service received several letters of support for this effort, including letters from Alaska Native Brotherhood and Sisterhood, Ketchikan Indian Community, Native Sites Guardianship Council, and several elders. For many Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian Alaskans, Duke Island is part of an ancestral homeland, where ancestors are buried and where familial histories are embedded in the forest, the cemeteries, and the remains of former camps and subsistence activities.

There are 55 known archaeological and historic sites within the Duke Island Area traditional cultural property including villages, burials, shell middens, fish traps, fort sites, battle grounds, fish camps, an abandoned customs house, homesteads, old trapper cabins, and a Light House. The oldest site on Forest Service land is a shell midden dating to 3,500 ± 50 years Before Present.

The Duke Island Area, like other eligible sites, will now be managed to protect its eligibility for listing in the National Register of Historic Places. As part of this, the Forest Service will undergo an extensive review and consultation process whenever an activity is proposed that may impact the area. While this may not preclude activities from taking place, it ensures that the Alaska Native communities who have a connection to the area are involved in the decision on whether and how to work in the area.

Quaterra Alaska, Inc., holds a number of federal and state mining claims on Duke Island. The claims are located within the Tongass National Forest and the Forest Service is responsible for managing surface activities on these claims. - More...
Thursday - July 07, 2011

Ketchikan: U.S. Coast Guard Sending a 110-foot Cutter to Ketchikan to Replace Acushnet; Murkowski: “Alaska Demands More” Than New USCG Cutter – Senator Lisa Murkowski received a letter from the United States Coast Guard notifying her that the 110-foot U.S. Coast Guard Cutter (USCGC) Chandeleur will be headed to Ketchikan in early 2012, in an effort to fill the void created by the decommissioning of the USCGC Acushnet in March.  “The Acushnet was the ‘Queen of the Coast Guard Fleet,’ and they’re replacing it with a 110-foot island class patrol ship that will have difficulty making it far out into just the Gulf of Alaska,” said Murkowski.  “Alaska demands more, and America deserves more to protect our vast northern waters and interests.”

.S. Coast Guard Sending a 110-foot Cutter to Ketchikan to Replace Acushnet

USCGC Chandeleur
Photo courtesy USCG

Until its decommissioning four months ago, the USCGC Acushnet was the longest serving cutter in the U.S. Coast Guard, with a record dating back to World War II.  Its duties entailed search and rescue, homeland security, Maritime Law enforcement and environmental protection – and had range to the Arctic Ocean, Bering Sea, North Pacific and Gulf of Alaska.  Quoting a news release from Murkowski, according to the Coast Guard, vessels like the Chandeleur are used in relatively calmer southern waters for drug enforcement, port security and illegal alien interdiction.

In the letter from USCG Captain R. W. Pulver, he informed Senator Murkowski that the Chandeleur was pulled out of the water in Miami, Florida for a 9 month modernization project to replace the “hull, mechanical, and electrical equipment as well as repair damage to the ship’s hull plating.” That 9 month process, plus the time since the Acushnet’s decommissioning, will leave Alaska without a Coast Guard cutter for 13 months. - More...
Thursday - July 07, 2011

POW: HOPE Awarded State Grant to Prevent Domestic Violence on POW– Helping Ourselves Prevent Emergencies (HOPE) was recently awarded a Comprehensive Behavioral Health Prevention and Early Intervention Services grant from the State of Alaska Division of Behavioral Health to develop and implement a domestic violence prevention program on Prince of Wales Island.  The grant is for $138,000 per year for up to 3 years, totaling $414,000.  HOPE partnered with the Prince of Wales Health Network to write the grant, and will be working closely with the POW Health Network over the course of the project.  - More...
Thursday - July 07, 2011

Columns - Commentary

jpg Dave KifferDAVE KIFFER: Summer in Soggy City - At  6:05 pm on  July 4, our phone rang.

I leapt for the phone. And started stumbling over furniture to get to it.

I knew instantly it was the Rotary Folks calling to tell me that we had won the Duck Race.

For years we had bought ticket after ticket after ticket after ticket from Judge Keene.

And then suffered as our rubber (actually plastic) ducks got caught in the eddys of Ketchikan Creek and finished well out of the money.

But now our ship – uh Duck – had finally come in.

And I was ready spend that $2,500, instantly.

Just the thing to brighten up a not so stellar Fourth of July.

It had been raining for days before. So I was telling everyone it would “break” just before parade as it had so many times before. It never rains on the parade, so the conventional wisdom goes.

Of course, it didn’t.

At least the parade was going with the elements. It would have been much worse parading into the wind on Monday. We’d probably still be marching now.

Rain and wind – gusting and disgusting – to 40 knots and above.

But still we made do, as we always do here. We paraded.

I had planned to ride in the back of a convertible and toss candy to the masses, but with the roof up that wouldn’t have worked so well.

Besides, the other mayors decided to “walk” so I couldn’t be such a wimp.

Actually, walking turned out to be a good thing because it kept me warm. At least compared to the people who sat on the floats all three miles. - More...
Thursday - July 07, 2011



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letter Snow zones and parking lines By Patti Fay Hickox - First the Snow Zones signs went up and no one knew why? When I hear the snow plows on Grant St. I park at Main St. School parking. This summer the yellow lines at the end of the street (Grant @ Bawden) were extended 2 and 1 car lengths. So two of the best parking spots in the winter are gone. The white crosses in the road for regular resident parking were made smaller. So the big vehicle's bumpers are left over the new lines. Leaving less parking on my street. - More...
Thursday - July 07, 2011

letterREVISITING “TRASH TOUR 2005, REVILLA ROAD” By Jerry Cegelske - This year the high school students contributed to the community by collecting over 20,000 pounds of trash in Ketchikan.  The crew of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Naushon helped to clean the breakwater along the Tongass Narrows, while the Electronics Support Detachment worked to clean up areas along North Tongass.  A lady organized a cleanup of Rotary Beach, collecting over 400 pounds of trash, litter, and the nails from burned pallets.  Other people organized and participated in their own local cleanup activities.  Keep Alaska Beautiful organized the high school cleanup for the second year and is now working to clean up Gravina Island and Nichols Passage.  The Borough is working on removing boats and trash from Gravina, Pennock Island and the Tongass Narrows. - More...
Tuesday - July 05, 2011

letter Hydaburg School By Frances C. Natkong - I am very distressed about what has happened the last three years at our school in Hydaburg! The past CEO could care less what happened at the school as long as he got paid his big money and the same goes for the "lady boss" at the school. They were paid very well with most of the school board members' blessings and now they want our children to fund raise! Fund raise for sports, and other extra curricular activites, oh my! - More...
Tuesday - July 05, 2011

letterEnergy Questions and Solutions By Sam Bergeron - We have an energy problem here in Ketchikan. We have spiraling fuel oil costs, coupled with an electrical grid that is maxed out for inexpensive hydro-electric generation. We need to act now to reverse the demand we now place on our electrical grid by using alternate technologies and learn to use our resources wisely. - More...
Wednesday - June 29, 2011

letter Conserve Electricity and Weatherize Your Home By Sam Bergeron - We have a shortage of inexpensive hydroelectric power. All of us need to conserve electricity and do our part to keep the diesel generators idol and stave off the dreaded rate increases talked about at the Ketchikan City Council chambers. Here's what you as an individual can do and save yourselves some money in the process. - More...
Wednesday - June 29, 2011

letter Rally Around The Flag By Donald A. Moskowitz - Once again, I am compelled to address the desecration of our flag by those who do not comprehend the meaning of the U.S. flag.  Our flag is the symbol of freedom and democracy in this country, and around the world.  It epitomizes what our military personnel defend and rally around.  It is sacred and must not be desecrated. - More...
Wednesday - June 29, 2011

letter Roads, Trees and State Rights By A. M. Johnson- Reading the articles regarding Governor Parnell's filing suit against the Tongass Roadless Rule and the accompanying story regarding the suit to address the denial of the road extension out of Juneau, brings to mind that both are fodder for the discussion on States Rights. - More...
Wednesday - June 22, 2011

letter Re: Propaganda By Ed Brown - In his own Sitnews' description, Florian Sever is a long-time union and environmental activist. He was a pulp mill worker at Sitka's Alaska Pulp Corporation, and was fired by APC for testifying before Congress, in favor of the Tongass Timber Reform Act. Also check out Sealaska Shareholders underground on Face Book (more rants there too). - More...
Wednesday - June 22, 2011

letter There is still time to save Coastal Management - Reps. Beth Kerttula and Berta Gardner - We were disappointed when the House adjourned the recent Special Session three days early, failing by one vote to accept compromise language saving the Alaska Coastal Management Program (ACMP).  Sadly, the program was caught up in the larger House-Senate fight over the capital budget, and instead of taking the extra time to resolve it, the House simply gaveled out. - More...
Monday - June 20, 2011 

letter Governor Palin Email Extravaganza; What Was Old is New Again By Tara Jollie - The infamous Sarah Palin emails have come and gone.  There was no exciting fodder for scandal like the Corrupt Bastards Club of years the past, no juicy gossip like last year’s love caucus affair.  It was a rather anticlimactic event; big news day though!  How weird is that? - More...
Monday - June 20, 2011

letter RE: the 400 By Richard Easbey - Oh goodie... another unhinged rant from David Hanger! It's such a target-rich environment one hardly knows where to begin. - More...
Monday - June 20, 2011

letter Rebuild the fish count By Kami Myles - As a child Clay and I fished the rocks around Clover pass resort. We were fishing buddies and never was there a day when we didn't cast our line into the water and catch some kind of fish. Those are some of my fondest memories as of my childhood. - More...
Monday - June 20, 2011

letter PROPAGANDA By Florian Sever - In the June 15th SitNews commentary by Sealaska’s Rosita Worl, she raised many interesting points about the proposed Sealaska Lands Bill, and what it means. - More...
Monday - June 20, 2011

letter ANCSA resolution By Vernon Grant - I support the views of Rosita Worls plight for resolution on the ANCSA,that what was promised be settled on the premesis of respect for the native peoples of Alaska.After all we the native people have been a role model for the founding fathers of our country to adopt as a way in which too govern our country.Now isnt making promises too any one given body an act of Cruel And Unusual Punishment? That of which was said too be one of the main 10 amendments made to the constitution in 1791..... More...
Monday - June 20, 2011

letter Southeast Alaska’s Native people wait 40 years for return of their land By Rosita Worl - Over-regulation and anti-Native bias seem to touch every aspect of life for Native peoples in Southeast Alaska, from how our people make teddy bears to whether the U.S. will keep its promise to restore 85,000 acres of our homelands to us. - More...
Wednesday - June 15, 2011

letter Fisheries science is more complex than opponents of Sealaska land bill say By Douglas Martin - Restoring nearly 85,000 acres of Tongass National Forest land to the Sealaska Corporation, in accordance with the 40-year-old Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, won’t damage salmon runs. - More...
Wednesday - June 15, 2011

letter Sealaska Bill a Can of Worms By Rebecca Knight - Jaeleen Araujo, Sealaska vice-president and general counsel recently denied in a Juneau Empire op-ed piece that the other 11 regional corporations could use their proposed legislation as precedent to reopen land claims in Alaska. Sealaska is “perplexed” that this remains an issue. However, her comments in various public forums tell a different story. - More...
Wednesday - June 15, 2011

letter Pellet Boilers? Pellet Heat? Public Buildings? Your Home? You Betcha By Samuel Bergeron - The design team on the public library wanted about $80,000 to do a feasibility study on the viability of biomass wood pellet heat. That's like doing feasibility study on using propane heat or electricity. Biomass wood pellet heat is an established technology that has been in use in major metropolitan cities throughout the world for over 30 years with a stellar track record of clean burning emissions, low cost fuel, and great systems reliability. You don't need a feasibility study to see if this is a proven technology, just do the math. - More...
Monday - June 13, 2011

letter Section 17(b) of ANCSA & Public Access By Florian Sever - I want to clear up a claim that Sealaska representatives always make when they address the issue of public acess, regarding public the 3,600 acres of prime anchorages, sockeye streams, cabin sites, and camping areas they want to make under the guise of Cultural, Sacred, Enterprise and other classifications, under the terms of Senator Lisa Murkowski’s, S. 730 “The Sealsaka Lands Bill”.- More...
Monday - June 13, 2011

letter Property Tax increase amount By Marty West - The Ketchikan Daily News was wrong. The increase was 0.1 mills ($10 per $100,000 of assessed property Value) not 1.0 mills ($100 per $100,000 as reported). - More...
Monday - June 13, 2011

letter KPU By Joey Garcia - I admire KPU's repair technicians in our verbal calls, mostly from residents of the Tongass Towers Condominium, because of tilling, loss of power if you subscribe to three services like telephone, Internet and cable. - More...
Monday - June 13, 2011

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