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Roads, Trees and State Rights
By A. M. Johnson


June 22, 2011

Editor Sitnews,

Reading the articles regarding Governor Parnell's filing suit against the Tongass Roadless Rule and the accompanying story regarding the suit to address the denial of the road extension out of Juneau, brings to mind that both are fodder for the discussion on States Rights.

View the issues in that light. If Alaska owned and managed ALL the land and resources the U.S. Constitution mandates free of Federal oversight, what could be accomplished? Agreements, such as the "Alaska Compact" made by Alaska regarding the entry into the Union is full of default opportunity by Federal violation of tenets contained within that agreement. For sure Alaska has been violated many times by the Federal Government when you find the number of suits Alaska has been forced to file and defend. Most if not all, reflect State Rights issues when addressed in that light.

One would suggest the Governor use those violations and these two suits, as a basis for nullification of the agreement of Statehood submission at the same time encouraging the same for Western States that are joining together for the struggle against the Federal Government on resources ownership and development.

Alaska should rightfully be in total ownership of ALL the lands in Alaska from the highest mountain top to the off shore boundaries of International waters, not the Federal Government. Alaska and all States, should be unrestrained in the management of each States internal land mass.

If the Federal Government desires to manage specific land areas in Alaska or any State, then the Federal Government should lease those lands at fair market value.

Defunding or outright elimination of the Departments of Agriculture (U.S.Forest Service), EPA, Energy, and Labor would go along way in reducing Federal debt and allow the freedom of self development of Alaska (or any State).

The State of Alaska and any given State, posses the ability to manage and fund all of the activities covered by these Federal overreaching agencies.

Think States Rights as you read or are involved with any future issue involving Federal/State actions. You will note that every,without exception,action taken by our Federal agencies dealing with the public, is of a restrictive nature, never a positive open expansion direction allowing Alaska to pursue her God given goals of providing for her citizens welfare free of Federal control and over reach.

These two issues under suit are prime examples.


Ketchikan, AK

About: "Aged Constitutional Conservative opposed to governmental environmental over reach."

Received June 21, 2011 - Published June 22, 2011


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