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By Joey Garcia


June 13, 2011

I admire KPU's repair technicians in our verbal calls, mostly from residents of the Tongass Towers Condominium, because of tilling, loss of power if you subscribe to three services like telephone, Internet and cable.

These techs handle not only repair but pure public relations with its clientele. Even the staff, most of them at their office in the Plaza, always attends to complaints, but we subscribers sometimes are at a loss to see our favorite channels because of tilling all over the screen. One friend of mine whose computer is always being attacked by viruses, tells me that KPU is again attacked by viruses once the service is marred by these problems.

I see no reason why KPU has been hinting in selling the whole caboodle, but my reaction is that instead of selling it and displacing employees, there should be a chance by subscribers to allow KPU to finally meet upgrades, check old and tiny wires from source to main, and just do something about it.

The NBA season is ending even though I only saw half of the game because of tilling, and to reckon with a promise of a credit when it is not needed. All I need is my comfortability in seeing the channels which is my lifeline as a senior and a handicapped. What will happen if the NFL season comes, the boxing PPV's, and the Channel 171 where 90% of the Ketchikan Filipinos subscribes?

I sincerely apologize to the technicians who have painstakinly tried to solve problems, but definitely didn't workout due to their dud-wires inside the building, and nothing has been done about it.


Anyone ..........

Joey Garcia
Ketchikan, AK

Received June 12, 2011 - Published June 13, 2011



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