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SitNews - Stories In The News - Ketchikan, Alaska
June 17, 2011

Front Page Photo By KAY ANDREW

POW: Fawns in Sunny Cove
Front Page Photo By KAY ANDREW

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Fish Factor:
Nation’s most dangerous job could soon become more deadly By LAINE WELCH - It simply doesn’t make sense to defund a program that directly saves people’s lives.  

The president’s FY2012 budget eliminates funding for all agriculture, forestry and fishing research done by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), meaning fishing safety programs – budgeted at a mere $1.5 million -- will cease to exist.

No more E-Stops that prevent fishermen from being wrapped around deck winches. Finding the perfect PFD to prevent ‘man over boards’?  A thing of the past.  Safety monitors for hatches and doors to prevent vessel sinkings? Sayonara! Stability and flooding rate indicators? Out the door!

Those are just a few of the life saving innovations that NIOSH researchers have introduced to the fishing industry.  NIOSH is not a regulatory agency, but a research organization established in 1970 to improve the safety and health of US workers.  It is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services. 

A 2006 NIOSH review by the National Academies review called the fishing program   ‘exemplary’ and said “the NIOSH Alaska Field Station has executed its research according to how an ideal program would operate.”   

A core group of six people work within the fishing industry research component, said Dr. Jennifer Lincoln, an Injury Epidemiologist with the Commercial Fishing Research and Design Program based in Anchorage.  

“We look at hazards in specific regions and fisheries, identify patterns and then work together with fishermen to come up with practical solutions that protect them and save lives,” Lincoln said. “No one has ever looked at the entire country to see what the specific problems are in various fisheries.  That’s what NIOSH has brought to the table.”

Commander Chris Woodley, Chief of the US Coast Guard Prevention Department at Puget Sound said the long partnership with NIOSH has been very mutually beneficial.

“NIOSH has not only been able to help the Coast Guard on high risk fisheries but they are also very, very good at being an external auditor  on  how well we are doing with safety programs,” Woodley said. “They have been extremely effective in pointing us in the right direction, and then evaluating how well we are doing.” - More...
Friday - June 17, 2011

Southeast Alaska: NEW INTERNSHIP PROGRAM FOSTERS MORE NATIVE ARCHIVISTS; First Native intern wins full scholarship to pursue masters in library science - Sealaska Heritage Institute (SHI) has joined with a state university in an internship program designed to foster more archivists and museum curators.


Alyssa Peterson
SHI’s first Tlingit intern under the program
Photo courtesy SHI

SHI’s first Tlingit intern under the program, founded this year by the University of Alaska Southeast (UAS), was just accepted into graduate school to pursue a career in archives and given a full scholarship.

The news was gratifying because there are so few Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian people working in the field of archival science, said SHI Archivist Zachary Jones, who cares for the institute’s ethnographic and archival collections.

"It’s really important to have Native archivists working in the profession because a lot of times they bring a special perspective and understanding of materials that concern their own people," Jones said. "I think the field also needs diversity."

Traditionally, Native history is preserved orally - stories are passed from one generation to the next. Native history also is preserved through material culture. For example, crests worn on regalia often document Native history. The modern age has brought with it photographs, documents and recordings, and special training is required to properly preserve them. - More...
Friday - June 17, 2011

Alaska: United Fishermen of Alaska Announces New Officers, At-large Board Members and Committee Chairs - The United Fishermen of Alaska (UFA), the largest statewide commercial fishing trade association, announced yesterday the reelection of Arni Thomson who resides in Anchorage, and represents the Alaska Crab Coalition, as President of UFA.  Bruce Wallace, a Southeast salmon seiner has been elected as Vice President and he currently resides in Juneau. Rich Davis, a salmon troller, who resides in Juneau, was reelected Secretary Treasurer.    Kevin Adams, a Bristol Bay gillnetter who resides in Anchorage, was elected to the UFA Board as a new at-large Board Member, joining Bruce Wallace, Gerry Merrigan, from Petersburg, and Bruce Schactler who were re-elected to their at-large UFA board seats.

Officer and Executive Committee Members:  

Bruce Wallace, a seiner and tender operator was elected as UFA Vice President by the UFA Board at the group’s Spring meeting. Wallace served as representative of Southeast Alaska Seiners from 2003 to 2006, and has served as an at-large representative since 2007, and has served on the UFA Executive Committee as Environmental chair since 2005.  Bruce also serves as one of two  fishermen representatives on the ASMI Board of Directors. - More...
Friday - June 17, 2011

Ketchikan: ONLY FOOLS RUN AT MIDNIGHT ON JUNE 18TH - In the middle of June, there's a family dressed as sled dog team, six grown men wearing cardboard beer cans forming a six-pack, and a young woman painted green carrying a torch! What's the event?

Costumes like this can be sighted at the Eighth Annual Only Fools Run at Midnight Family Fun Run, guaranteed to have more fools running than ever before. On June 18 at 11:59 p.m., hundreds of Ketchikan residents will start running at the Southeast Discovery Center for a 5K-run or 1-mile walk dressed in wild and crazy costumes to raise funds for the Ketchikan branch of Southeast Alaska Independent Living (SAIL).

Local businesses have donated prizes that will be awarded to more than half of the participants - race participants, door-prize winners, and those in costume. This includes centipedes - five or more costumed runners or walkers connected in some way. More than 120 people participated as fools in 2010. - More...
Friday - June 17, 2011

correctionKetchikan: UAS Ketchikan 2011 Honors Lists Announced - The University of Alaska Southeast announced the names of the students making the UAS Chancellor’s and Dean’s lists for the Spring 2011 Semester. - More...
Wednesday - June 15, 2011


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letter Southeast Alaska’s Native people wait 40 years for return of their land By Rosita Worl - Over-regulation and anti-Native bias seem to touch every aspect of life for Native peoples in Southeast Alaska, from how our people make teddy bears to whether the U.S. will keep its promise to restore 85,000 acres of our homelands to us. - More...
Wednesday - June 15, 2011

letter Fisheries science is more complex than opponents of Sealaska land bill say By Douglas Martin - Restoring nearly 85,000 acres of Tongass National Forest land to the Sealaska Corporation, in accordance with the 40-year-old Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, won’t damage salmon runs. - More...
Wednesday - June 15, 2011

letter Sealaska Bill a Can of Worms By Rebecca Knight - Jaeleen Araujo, Sealaska vice-president and general counsel recently denied in a Juneau Empire op-ed piece that the other 11 regional corporations could use their proposed legislation as precedent to reopen land claims in Alaska. Sealaska is “perplexed” that this remains an issue. However, her comments in various public forums tell a different story. - More...
Wednesday - June 15, 2011

letter Pellet Boilers? Pellet Heat? Public Buildings? Your Home? You Betcha By Samuel Bergeron - The design team on the public library wanted about $80,000 to do a feasibility study on the viability of biomass wood pellet heat. That's like doing feasibility study on using propane heat or electricity. Biomass wood pellet heat is an established technology that has been in use in major metropolitan cities throughout the world for over 30 years with a stellar track record of clean burning emissions, low cost fuel, and great systems reliability. You don't need a feasibility study to see if this is a proven technology, just do the math. - More...
Monday - June 13, 2011

letter Section 17(b) of ANCSA & Public Access By Florian Sever - I want to clear up a claim that Sealaska representatives always make when they address the issue of public acess, regarding public the 3,600 acres of prime anchorages, sockeye streams, cabin sites, and camping areas they want to make under the guise of Cultural, Sacred, Enterprise and other classifications, under the terms of Senator Lisa Murkowski’s, S. 730 “The Sealsaka Lands Bill”.- More...
Monday - June 13, 2011

letter Property Tax increase amount By Marty West - The Ketchikan Daily News was wrong. The increase was 0.1 mills ($10 per $100,000 of assessed property Value) not 1.0 mills ($100 per $100,000 as reported). - More...
Monday - June 13, 2011

letter KPU By Joey Garcia - I admire KPU's repair technicians in our verbal calls, mostly from residents of the Tongass Towers Condominium, because of tilling, loss of power if you subscribe to three services like telephone, Internet and cable. - More...
Monday - JUne 13, 2011

letterTaxes, round two By Rodney Dial - Council Member West indicated that the tax increase the Ketchikan City Council passed will result in a $25 increase for the owner of an average home. In my letter I reported that the tax increase would result in a $250.00 increase. - More...
Saturday - June 11, 2011

letter “Southeast Alaskan Native Land Entitlement Finalization and Job Protection Act.” By Jeff Sbonek - We heard Sealaska's Byron Mallott speaking before the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources recent hearing on S-730 say, “We were here first”. This is plain and simply not true. DNA analysis of the 9600 year old  human remains found in “On Your Knees Cave” on north Prince of Wales Island SE Alaska 15 years ago, and of over 200 present day native volunteers of SE Alaska show no genetic link. It seems pretty clear that the Tlingits, Haidas and Tsimshians were not the first people of SE Alaska. The truth is that humans have been migrating since the beginning of humanity.  The man from “On Your Knees Cave” is ancestor to ALL of us. This land belongs to ALL of us. - More...
Saturday - June 11, 2011

letter Open Letter: Proposed “enterprise” site on Martin Creek By Bonnie Demerjian - As a long time resident of Wrangell and author of a book on the Anan Creek Bear Observatory, I am concerned about the proposed “enterprise” site on Martin Creek near the observatory. Increased fishing pressure in the area may impact the well being of the bear population at Anan Creek. Not only is this important in itself, but the observatory is a prime tourist attraction for visitors to Wrangell. Wrangell has worked hard and continues to strive to diversify its economy with tourism being an important component of that effort. A lodge at Martin Creek may well divert visitors from Wrangell, who generally include a visit to Anan Creek in their plans and are transported their by local charter operators. - More...
Saturday - June 11, 2011

letter Thanks to the Naushon By Jerry Cegelske - For those of us who frequently get out on the water close to the Bar Harbor marina, we get to see some of the material that the wind and tides have deposited on the breakwater as well as the shoreline around the harbor.  For many, the area didn’t look bad as seen from the harbor or shore as the material was deposited on the windward side of the breakwater, but it was very visible from the water. - More...
Wednesday - June 08, 2011

letter E-Verify By Byron “Chilly” Whitesides - Friends and neighbors, recently I sent an open letter to Senator Bert Stedman and Representative Kyle Johansen to be published on Sitnews.  I have been contacting them recently this year, as there were political leaders attempting to pass a law in our state to require businesses to use E-Verify on employees and applicants to assure only legal workers were being employed (Supreme Court: AZ Can Require Employers to Verify Citizenship Status of Workers ) that the legislature had failed to pass this legislation, and found this news very distressing. - More...
Wednesday - June 08, 2011

letter Re: Ketchikan's Tax Burden By Marty West - The Council increased the property tax by 0.1 mills. Not by 1.0 mills. - More...
Wednesday - June 08, 2011

letter BE THE FIRST TO KNOW By Karl Amylon - The purpose of this memorandum is to remind citizens that by signing up for FlashAlert you will receive ‘real time’ text messages and/or email messages from the City of Ketchikan and/or KPU with up to date emergency information, news releases, power outages or other important information. - More...
Wednesday - June 08, 2011

letter Ketchikan's Tax Burden By Rodney Dial - I was optimistically hopeful that Ketchikan government spending was leveling off, and our elected officials were going to cool it on the insane spending over the last few years.  I truly thought… what else can they spend money on?... just about every group has received something, lately, and government spending has been increasing by millions per year even though our population has been declining. - More...
Monday - June 06, 2011

letter M/V Tongass Ranger By P.J. Travis - Now with the M/V Tongass Ranger declared "unsafe" who is going to monitor timber sales, mining, recreation cabins, mooring buoys, archaeology sites, etc.? - More...
Monday - June 06, 2011

letter E-Verify and Drug Enforcement Problems UNSOLVED... By Joey Garcia - I agree with Byron Whitesides on his topic of E-verify format. Not only that, why does the City of Ketchikan not comply with the drug test for new hires and old hands thereby corrupting other non-drug users/pushers to continue their trade within our city? I do not blame the Office of the Ketchikan City Mayor, but the office of the Gov. Parnell, referring to the response made by a certain Ms. Lien that the Office of the Governor has no jurisdiction in Ketchikan. - More...
Monday - June 06, 2011

letter RE: 400 By Charles Mackey - David Hanger, Thank you for your letter "400". You are one of many vigilant individuals in the country yet one of few brave enough to speak out using the last little bit of freedom we truly have. The Freedom of Speech. - More...
Monday - June 06, 2011

letter RE: The 400 By Chris Elliott - The richest man in America according to Forbes magazine's 2010 annual list of the 400 richest Americans is Bill Gates. His fortune is estimated at $54 billion. - More...
Monday - June 06, 2011

letter THE 400 By David G. Hanger - According to CNN reports on February 20, 2011, four hundred individuals in this country now earn more than the combined earnings of half the people.   In other words 400 self-proclaimed living ‘gods’ earn more than 160 million Americans combined.  A few tens of thousands earn much of the rest.  ‘Earning’ is a relative term in this respect, for much of what is being “earned” is via deceit, graft, and corruption. - More...
Thursday PM - June 02, 2011  

letter 8th grade class of 2011 By Judith Green - The 8th grade class had their "Continuation Ceremony" tonight in their new school building auditorium - KAYHI. They move from being Knights to being Kings - as SBA president, Brendan Stanton, mentioned in his welcome to the new freshman class. - More...
Thursday PM- June 02, 2011

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