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United Fishermen of Alaska Announces New Officers, At-large Board Members and Committee Chairs


June 17, 2011

(SitNews)- The United Fishermen of Alaska (UFA), the largest statewide commercial fishing trade association, announced yesterday the reelection of Arni Thomson who resides in Anchorage, and represents the Alaska Crab Coalition, as President of UFA.  Bruce Wallace, a Southeast salmon seiner has been elected as Vice President and he currently resides in Juneau. Rich Davis, a salmon troller, who resides in Juneau, was reelected Secretary Treasurer.    Kevin Adams, a Bristol Bay gillnetter who resides in Anchorage, was elected to the UFA Board as a new at-large Board Member, joining Bruce Wallace, Gerry Merrigan, from Petersburg, and Bruce Schactler who were re-elected to their at-large UFA board seats.

Officer and Executive Committee Members:  

Bruce Wallace, a seiner and tender operator was elected as UFA Vice President by the UFA Board at the group’s Spring meeting. Wallace served as representative of Southeast Alaska Seiners from 2003 to 2006, and has served as an at-large representative since 2007, and has served on the UFA Executive Committee as Environmental chair since 2005.  Bruce also serves as one of two  fishermen representatives on the ASMI Board of Directors.   

Rich Davis was re-elected to continue as Secretary-Treasurer. Davis represents the fishermen-owned Seafood Producers Cooperative on the UFA board.

Julianne Curry was re-elected as Subsistence Committee chair. Curry represents UFA member group Petersburg Vessel Owners Association, and has also participated in the recent Southeast Alaska Economic Cluster Work Group, organized by the Juneau Economic Development Council. Curry is currently longlining on the F/V Obsession.

Chip Treinen , a Bristol Bay gillnetter and herring and salmon seiner from Anchorage, was elected by the UFA Board as Environmental chair.

Chris Knight , a Southeast gillnetter and halibut longliner from Juneau was elected to the Executive Committee as Membership Chair. Knight represents United Southeast Alaska Gillnetters (USAG) on the UFA Board, and also is serving as President of UFA aquaculture group, Douglas Island Pink and Chum.

“This is a very exciting time for all commercial fishermen across the state as prices continue to rise ensuring profitability again within Alaska’s fishing fleet.  However, it is more important now more than ever to be involved in UFA as new policies, threats and challenges continue to present themselves to our fishing fleets,” said Knight.

Bruce Schactler of Kodiak was re-elected to continue to serve as UFA’s Marketing Chair. In addition to his volunteer service on the UFA Board, Schactler is actively pursuing the establishment of the National Seafood Marketing Coalition.

Gary Fandrei will continue as UFA hatchery committee chair. Fandrei represents Cook Inlet Aquaculture Association on the UFA Board.

Stephanie Madsen, who resides in Juneau represents At-sea Processors Association, was re-elected as UFA National Chair.

Bob Thorstenson, Jr., a Southeast salmon seiner, and former President of UFA,  represents Southeast Alaska Seiners. Thorstenson was elected to the Executive Committee at-large seat.

Committee chairs and officers serve one year terms and make up UFA’s Executive Committee.   

 “UFA’s Executive Committee and board are the primary representatives to the association, multiple communities, state and federal agencies, the US Congress and to other Alaskan resource and commercial industries. . UFA is reaching out to the sport and charter sectors in Alaskan fisheries to work together with us on conservation, habitat and fisheries enhancement efforts  We encourage fishermen that would like to learn more about UFA, or any of the issues facing them to contact our office or any of our board members out among the fishing fleets”, said UFA president Arni Thomson.  “I am proud to be associated with our diverse and talented Board members.  We have a great balance of knowledgeable men and women who are involved in most of the gear types in state and federal waters’ fisheries.”

The UFA, the largest statewide commercial fishing trade associatio, represents 38 commercial fishing groups from fisheries throughout the state and its offshore waters. Member groups each hold a seat on UFA’s Board of Directors, as well as four at-large representatives elected by UFA’s individual members.

“UFA depends on the volunteer work of our officers, board members and committee chairs to keep up with the wide range of topics facing Alaska fishermen. Alaska fishermen are indebted to their regional representatives and leaders for their work with UFA,” said UFA Executive Director Mark Vinsel.


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