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By Byron “Chilly” Whitesides


June 08, 2011

Friends and neighbors, recently I sent an open letter to Senator Bert Stedman and Representative Kyle Johansen to be published on Sitnews.  I have been contacting them recently this year, as there were political leaders attempting to pass a law in our state to require businesses to use E-Verify on employees and applicants to assure only legal workers were being employed (Supreme Court: AZ Can Require Employers to Verify Citizenship Status of Workers ) that the legislature had failed to pass this legislation, and found this news very distressing.  

How can the legislature not act on this when a large majority of Alaskans and Americans support this issue?  Are OUR local and state representatives being corrupted by the businesses profiting by hiring illegal migrants?  Why won’t the legislature support this when the vast majority of Alaskans do?  Please contact your state representative and let them know it’s not acceptable to do nothing, and they need to revisit and pass this into law NOW, this year!  If they don’t agree, well we need to vote them out because they aren’t representing the PEOPLE, we may get a chance to vote on at least one coming up very soon!

Every day I find headlines showing how this invasion of illegal migrants is imposing not only crime, misery, and financial distress, but MURDER and destruction of law abiding American citizens and their families.  Can you imagine?  TWELVE Americans a DAY killed by illegal migrants in our country ILLEGALLY?  How would you feel if your family was one of the victims, and our government was doing nothing??

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Concerned Americans have attempted to resolve this on the national level, but it seems our national politicians have “insulated” themselves and so think they don’t have to listen to or abide by the will of the people.  They seem to think they are elected to represent the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to the people!

Because our national congressmen seem to have forgotten who they represent, we now need to affect the change from the local level up.  I think this is going to be much more effective, and once our state politician’s voices join us, Lisa <email Murkowski>  and Mark <email Begich>  are not going to be able to just ignore this problem or just offer the elitist solution, “comprehensive” immigration reform, code for AMNESTY.  I’m not the only American who fought this and is adamantly against amnesty of any kind, as polls and studies have continued to show almost 70% of Americans are opposed to amnesty, and want us to 1) SECURE THE BORDER, 2) ENFORCE OUR EXISTING LAWS, 3) STOP THE ILLEGAL EMPLOYMENT, 4) STOP ILLEGALS FROM RECEIVING GOVERNMENT SERVICES.  

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If we did this, it would stop the magnet that continues to draw illegals here and they would then self deport reducing this problem down to a level that we could easily manage and resolve.  It is also apparent to anyone with an IQ, or who lived in the Reagan era, that amnesty did nothing but reward the illegal behavior and MADE THIS PROBLEM WORSE.  Amnesty of any kind is not going to be something normal, rational Americans will settle for.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want anything “comprehensive” done by our Federal government.  Look at the mess they made with health care, and exactly WHAT is this going to cost us and how much time and money are we going to waste fighting this?  We already had the best system in the world, WHY did we need comprehensive reform?  Seems to me that common sense would dictate SMALL changes be made that could be reversed if found to be counter productive.  But no, the out of control corruption wins, the big corporations, lobbyist’s, and corrupt politicians get what THEY want, and the AMERICAN citizens get screwed in the process!  Just look at the bailouts, TARP and the banking reform.  The rich and powerful are being bailed out and taken care of, and the middle class is getting screwed!

We elect politicians to manage the small, day to day matters in our government.  On the large matters, WE want our input, and the will of the people followed!

Politicians don’t have “divine right to rule” once elected!  Our government is by “CONSENT” of the citizens and it should be apparent to all, WE AREN’T consenting to the plan of the political class on immigration, as well as MANY other matters.  Do you think the “deals” given to Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson to purchase their vote on the health care bill, are politics as usual, or like I, corruption of such a magnitude that the politicians involved in this, should be in prison for bribing and accepting bribes of taxpayer money?  Does anyone think Obamacare was “bi-partisan” or the will of the majority of the PEOPLE?

When congress begins to talk of “bi-partisanship”, I get afraid!  To me, this is code for when congress going AGAINST the will of the people and attempting to force us to accept “their rule”.  Pardon me, but this isn’t the government of our constitution, the politicians are not there to “rule”, but to REPRESENT THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE, not the government!  When the citizens are afraid of what the government is doing, this is TYRANNY, not government of the people, by the people and FOR the people.

Bi-Partisan is when all parties get together and do the things WE (the clear majority of the people) AGREE ON.  Like English being the language of government, like keeping corruption and crony capitalism out of government no matter what party is in power, like equal treatment of all citizens under the law, like how to resolve the illegal immigration problem.  This isn’t compromise, this is doing what WE can AGREE on.  Forget compromise, we don’t need to pass any law or bill, without a clear majority and then it needs to be constitutional!  

Our federal government seems to be intent on keeping its citizens fighting with each other so the political class can get away with corruption and imposing laws and regulations on us that most of us would not agree with if we weren’t distracted by fighting over the things we mostly agree on.  Well, we don’t have to continue to participate or allow ourselves to be manipulated this way, we can just impose our will, starting on the local level, then state by state, until the feds have to abide by OUR will.  Let’s get together and insist on real bi-partisanship from our elected officials.  We need to fix the problems WE AGREE on, and continue to discuss and debate the ones we don’t have a readily discernible clear majority on.  

Please help to fix this illegal immigration problem by taking a few minutes out of your life and email your elected representatives YOUR thoughts on this matter.  Our state needs to join others by passing a law requiring ALL businesses in the state of Alaska use the E-Verify and check all employees and applicants to assure they are LEGAL to hire.  E-Verify is not PERFECT, nothing is, but it is the best tool we have now, and will get better with use.  I don’t think it right that foreigners can come here and thumb their nose at our laws, and I also don’t think it right that businesses in this country can get away with thumbing their noses at our laws either!  Let them know we need to pass this law NOW.

We are now borrowing almost half of every dollar spent, have over FOURTEEN TRILLION national debt, and our president wants to indebt us another THREE trillion!  There are another over ONE HUNDRED TRILLION in unfunded mandates or entitlements!  

We are selling our grandchildren into slavery, as debt is slavery.  What is moral or right, or JUST, about passing this debt on to children who didn’t approve, didn’t agree, didn’t vote for it,  and aren’t going to get anything for it?  How do you justify borrowing money and giving it to foreigners ILLEGALLY in our country, and then passing the costs on to OUR GRANDCHILDREN?  This is insanity, and we need to wise up NOW!  It should be illegal to take on debt that can’t be paid off in a generation or two at the most!  This debt is not for buildings or improvements that can be used by future generations, it is mostly social services and wealth redistribution!  What makes it RIGHT, FAIR, or JUSTICE,  to steal from the children and unborn?  

Don’t think we in Alaska are insulated from this problem because we have oil wealth now.  The federal government, unconstitutionally controls 70% of our land, controls OUR resources and development, and are now shutting down OUR development here.  In a few years WE are going to be broke and poor here, so we better start working together now, or bad times are imminent.  Let’s start with the things we have a clear majority agreeing on, and work our way out from there.

Byron “Chilly” Whitesides
Ketchikan, AK

Received June 01, 2011 - Published June 08, 2011



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