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SitNews - Stories In The News - Ketchikan, Alaska
February 10, 2010

Front Page Photo by LESLEY KEMPSELL

Low tide at Herring Cove
Front Page Photo by LESLEY KEMPSELL


Ketchikan: Preparing for a Firefighter's Nightmare By DAVID HULL - It is every Fire Chief's nightmare, a lost firefighter, trapped in a burning building and running out of air. On Tuesday night, February 9, 2010 the members of North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department (NTVFD) practiced procedures designed to find and rescue a trapped firefighter without injuring anyone else. A typical fire scenario was set up to test new firefighters on their ability to get water to the fire and safely extinguish it before backing out of the smoky 'structure.'

Preparing for a Firefighter's Nightmare

The scene of the 'fire', cargo containers configured in such a way to allow firefighters to practice skills learned in previous drills.
Photo by David Hull

The scenario of the drill: Just when everything seems to be going fine a firefighter goes missing. A quick check of the accountability board and those outside of the building identifies the missing firefighter, Captain Jerry Kiffer. Now the hard part starts. Where is he and how do we get him out?

Through practiced search procedures, Captain Kiffer is quickly found stuck in an old portion of the exhaust system of the fire room. The Rapid Intervention Crew, or RIC, is quickly called to action. The RIC pack is quickly called for that contains life saving air and other tools designed to free the trapped firefighter. Once the amount of air the trapped firefighter has left was established, it was decided to attach the firefighter to a new source of air and remove his airpack to help with the rescue situation. Without the extra weight and bulk the airpack adds the rescue went smoothly and Captain Kiffer was quickly brought out of the potentially life threatening situation.

In all cases of heavy physical work done by the fire department personnel, a rest period is ordered by the Incident Commander to allow the personnel to rest and be checked by members of the REHAB unit. Here the firefighters have their pulse, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels checked and are given fluids to replace fluid loss in the form of sweat during the operation. REHAB is a mandated and vital process of ensuring that the FD personnel are ready to return to duty to continue with the extinguishment operations or to begin the process of overhaul and cleanup. Those with elevated pulses or blood pressures are kept in REHAB until their levels reach and acceptable lever. During this time it is the REHAB leader that has command over the personnel and they do not return to duty until the REHAB leader releases them. - More...
Wednesday - February 10, 2010

Alaska: No Doctor In the House: New Legislation Calls For Action To Create Medicare Clinics - Today three Democratic legislators called for action to address a growing problem for Alaska's seniors. Many Alaska physicians won't provide medical care for seniors on Medicare. The effort is supported by AARP's Alaska chapter. "The problem's been the same, regardless of which party's been in charge in Washington," said Rep. Les Gara (D-Anchorage). "It's a major problem that requires action now, not later." Gara, has sponsored the Medicare and Primary Care Access Act with Reps. Sharon Cissna and Lindsey Holmes (both D-Anchorage).

"Too many seniors are losing access to their doctors. It's important that we work towards solutions to this problem, and this is part of the solution," Holmes said.

"So many seniors find themselves without access to primary care. Federal solutions seem far away, yet this bill brings action now on a serious local issue," Cissna, a longtime leader on health issues, said.

A Federal Problem; a State Solution:

Medicare has under-compensated medical providers in Alaska for general office visits, or "primary care", for many years. According to a University of Alaska study, only 15 out of 75 surveyed Anchorage physicians would see new Medicare patients, and 20 would not accept Medicare under any conditions. Senator Mark Begich recently called for a vote on legislation he's co-sponsored. The legislation, S 1776, would solve this problem directly by increasing Medicare reimbursement rates in places like Alaska, where they are too low. A vote on that legislation was blocked this fall by Senate filibuster rules. - More...
Wednesday - February 10, 2010

Alaska: Alaska to Get Regional Climate Center; NOAA reorganization puts more focus on Alaska, Arctic issues - U.S. Sen. Mark Begich (D-Alaska) is applauding an announcement from the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) of a major reorganization of the agency responsible for fisheries, ocean health, weather predictions, environmental monitoring, and climate science that will result with more focus on Alaska and the Arctic.

NOAA's announcement includes a plan to reorganize and consolidate its climate science and budget into a single NOAA sub-bureau called the National Climate Service. The reorganization establishes Alaska as one of six regional climate centers set up to answer questions about the many areas covered by NOAA.

"With fisheries, ocean health and climate change among some of the top issues in Alaska, this is good news as NOAA moves forward with its reorganization," Begich said. "The decision to establish Alaska as a separate region in the new organization recognizes Alaska's unique climate systems and the growing understanding that climate change in the Arctic is having global consequences."

Currently, Alaska is served through a climate center in Reno, Nevada. Alaska climate researchers and policy makers have pointed out the difficulties with that structure as Reno is occupied with drought forecasting and other issues in the Southwest U.S. - More...
Wednesday - February 10, 2010


National: Snow stalls the federal government By LISA MASCARO - It began as so much unexpected fun -- the sledding on the grounds of the Capitol, the Facebook-inspired snowball fights and the clever nicknames for the freak storm -- snowpocalypse, snowmaggedon.

Until it wasn't.

Three feet of snow later, with more on Wednesday, the historic snowfall has done what years of ambitious politicians and mischief-making obstructionists could not do: It virtually stopped the business of government in Washington.

The House abruptly canceled its workweek. The White House hastily rearranged its schedule. The Senate shut down Wednesday.

For the party in power in Washington, snowverkill -- the latest nickname -- is just the latest in a series of setbacks that is messing with Democrats' ability to govern.

"The issue before the Senate today is what we do with Mother Nature," Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid said Tuesday as he outlined scheduling options for the week.

Snow days are problematic because this week the legislative branch hoped to make a final push before the President's Day recess, when lawmakers return to their home states and tout their accomplishments.

Democrats wanted to go home victorious with a jobs bill to show restive voters they understand it's the economy, stupid. The House already passed its version late last year, a robust $150 million package of unemployment insurance, transportation building projects and small-business tax cuts. - More...
Wednesday - February 10, 2010

National: Boy Scouts celebrating 100th anniversary By MARTHA QUILLIN - Details of the legend of the Unknown Scout, whose simple kindness inspired the launch of the Boy Scouts of America, are a bit foggy, like the weather in London, where the story took place in 1909.

American newspaperman and world traveler W.D. Boyce, in London during a stopover on his way to Africa, lost his way. As the story goes, a young boy helped him along, and when Boyce offered him a tip, the boy declined, explaining it was his job to help as a member of the Boy Scout Association.

Intrigued, Boyce went to the Scout headquarters and picked up a copy of the organization's manual, Scouting For Boys. With the group's permission, he used the manual as a model for Boy Scouts of America, which he founded on Feb. 8, 1910, to foster character development, citizenship training and personal fitness.

It took a while to get off the ground, but the Boy Scouts eventually grew to be the largest youth organization in the United States. Today it has more than 2.9 million youth members, led by more than 1 million adults.

Boy Scouts is open to boys ages 7 to 17, who can work their way through the ranks from Bobcat to Eagle Scout. New members have to learn the proper salute and memorize the Scout Oath and Law.

Some interesting tidbits about Boy Scouts, celebrating its 100th anniversary: - More...
Wednesday - February 10, 2010


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letterRE: Hydaburg School District By Dorinda Sanderson - My name is Dorinda Sanderson, my son is in the 3rd grade in Hydaburg City School. I must say that I am concerned now more than ever about my son's education. - More...
Thursday PM - February 11, 2010

letterRE: Hydaburg School District By Tanya Bitonti - It disturbs me that our superintendent could talk like this in an open letter! The feeling I got when I attended a school board meeting was 'you are beneath me so say what you're going to say and sit down'. I was there to question why our kids were over crowded and without teachers! My feeling was this, if he cared about the students and their education then he would take a pay cut so they weren't over crowded and without teachers. If he cared so much in these time who wouldn't take a pay cut! - More...
Thursday PM - February 11, 2010

letterTelephone Division of KPU By David G. Hanger - Following is the text of my presentation to the Ketchikan City Council regarding problems with the telephone division of Ketchikan Public Utilities: - More...
Monday PM - February 08, 2010

letterRE: Hydaburg School District By B. A. Weinberg - The letter from Francis C. Natkong published February 5, 2010, starts out: "Hang on to your hats, here I go again!" Yes, here she goes again spouting off allegations without benefit of the facts. - More...
Monday PM - February 08, 2010

letterRight to express my views By Frances C. Natkong - I recieved a letter from the CEO of Hydaburg City School District today and apparently he's replied to my letter in the Sitnews. First of all, I'm not insulting the citizens of Hydaburg, everyone knows that when you run for office it's not what you know but who you know. Second of all, I'm not saying that a Superintendent would be more beneficial FINANCIALLY. My meaning was that a Superintendent would be more "hands on." - More...
Monday PM - February 08, 2010

letterExpensive advertising indoctrination By Chas Edwardson - Twenty five thousand dollars were approved by city council unanimously for advertising indoctrination to sell the phone division of Ketchikan Public Utilities. How much was allocated out of my money to argue for the other side of the story, city council??? - More...
Monday PM - February 08, 2010

letterGovernment less than honest By Al Johnson - In light of the continuing stream of statical data that is fed to the U.S public by our current administration that lacks the ability to be seen in the light of day, the fear of a Government that is less than honest in its dealings festers. - More...
Monday PM - February 08, 2010

letterThank You By Laurie Hodne - BIG kudos to the Bar Harbor restaurant for introducing and offering their Saturday Night Special dinner for two at an extremely reasonable and affordable price. (The food was excellent also!) - More...
Monday PM - February 08, 2010

letterSealaska Lands bill By Don Hernandez - Recent events in Craig have made the Sealaska Lands bill a front page headline story, prompting Senator Lisa Murkowski to announce she will hold, quote, "a field hearing on Prince of Wales Island". For the residents of Point Baker and Port Protection who will be surrounded by Sealaska Corporation land if this bill passes, it has been front page headlines news for over a year. We have sent letters, petitions and have given personal testimony to all of our representatives absolutely opposing this bill. Right from the beginning, we have asked for public hearings in affected communities. - More...
Friday AM - February 05, 2010

letterHydaburg School District By Frances C. Natkong - Hang on to your hats, here I go again! I'm very concerned about the school district in Hydaburg. The CEO and his significant other have been hired back for another year at Hydaburg School. Why? Why? Why? - More...
Friday AM - February 05, 2010

letterBus Shelter By Susan Hoyt - I really feel that it is the responsibility of Walmart or the City to supply a bus shed to the customers who use the bus and shop at Walmart. It seems to me Walmart has the most to gain by supplying this needed shelter and that the city is responsible for their community members who ride the bus. - More...
Friday AM - February 05, 2010

letterThe Political Pendulum By Don Borders - Over the years I viewed the national political process to that of a grand father's clock pendulum swinging side-to-side with one side opposite of the other side's position. Over time, the motions of the two parties swinging side to side as the political winds prevail or blow, one finds common ground or most common bipartisan position somewhere between the left and the right. The pendulum analogy is sort of a "checks and balances" of two opposing sides of the same government. - More...
Friday AM - February 05, 2010

letter Bus shelter needed By Lana Barr - Walmart needs a bus shelter. There has been a need for one since the store opened eight years ago. Our Senior Citizens, mothers with small children and disabled people are among those who rely upon the borough bus for transportation. The Green line bus alone picks up passengers 103 times a week. - More...
Thursday AM - Februry 04, 2010

letterThank You By Dorothy Hoppe & Connie Zellweger - It's hard to believe it has been one year to date since Colleen Hoppe - who was our daughter, sister, mother, friend, coworker, auntie - has passed on. - More...
Thursday AM - Februry 04, 2010

letterSOUTH EAST ALASKA NATIVE LAND ENTITLEMENT FINALIZATION ACT By Hans Porter - Bill S. 881 "SOUTH EAST ALASKA NATIVE LAND ENTITLEMENT FINALIZATION ACT" will lay waste to one of the most beautiful places on this planet. The old growth forest with its amazing canopy will be destroyed. The miles and miles of karst formation will not be open to the public. Subsistence resources for several communities will disappear. We will not be able to travel by road. Our water supplies will be in danger or ruined. All this for the short term revenues which will benefit no one but Sealaska Corporation, will not create jobs, and will not provide sustainable resources. It will be all damage and destruction as is typical of this corporation's way of doing business. - More...
Wednesday AM - February 03, 2010

letterLet's get inspired! By Linda Koons Auger - My husband, Bill and I attended the "Throw The Breaker" celebration for the completion of the Swan Lake-Lake Tyee Intertie project.  I came away inspired!  This project was many, many years in the making with support and hard work by many fine Alaskans along the way. - More...
Tuesday AM - February 02, 2010

letterChallenge Day By Karen Eakes - I would like to urge all parents of high school students to sign their students up for the Challenge Day events happening here in Ketchikan on February 16th or 17th at Ketchikan High School. Schoenbar's Challenge Day occurs on February 18th and that event already has a full slate of student participants. - More...
Tuesday AM - February 02, 2010

letterSoutheast Alaska community fights for their survival By Myla Poelstra - Senator Murkowski's recent interview on KRBD discussing Sealaska's current lands bill was both encouraging and disheartening at the same time. While it is encouraging to hear her talk about holding a field hearing on Prince of Wales to discuss concerns over impacts from S.881 Southeast Alaska Native Land Entitlement Finalization act, it's disheartening to hear her only reference the City of Craig. The residents of Edna Bay, on the southeast end of Kosciusko Island, have been relentlessly trying to get her attention for almost seven years. Over 1200 letters have been sent to our representatives letting them know why we objected to this bill, and what these public lands meant to us. To this date there has been no direct response to our concerns from Senator Murkowski or Sealaska. - More...
Tuesday AM - February 02, 2010

letterHEAD TAX By Charles Edwardson - This is a subject that has interested me for awhile. Who ever coined the phrase"HEAD TAX" (sounds like a hunting trip) should have called it what it is, a port and harbor tax. - More...
Tuesday AM - February 02, 2010

letterThanks By Russell Thomas - Thanks to Dave, Danny, & Sara Lieben who spent last Saturday with trash bags in hand, cleaning up the neighborhood around Forest Park. The Lieben's community service reminded me of our ability to affect a small piece of the world around us. Not content to let it be someone else's problem, Dave spent his personal time making "everyone else's problem" his own. - More...
Tuesday AM - February 02, 2010

letterRental Fees - Ted Ferry - Meeting Notes By Bobbie McCreary - Mr. Holston, in a letter dated 12/23 I explained that we were inspired by Mr. Gadsey's decision NOT to request the waiver of rental fees for the Ted Ferry Civic Center for the SAIL event on January 15th. Thus motivated, the organizers of the Enough is Enough event asked for donations from the public to pay the costs in order to support keeping City employees' jobs by not asking for a waiver of fees. (We collected $300- thank you - enough to cover the original cost before we opened the third bay due to the large crowd who participated.) - More...
Tuesday AM - February 02, 2010

letterSenator Begich Sold Out the People By Chris Herby - I think it is imperative that Alaska voters remember the recent actions of Mark Begich if and when he seeks re-election to the US Senate. Mr. Begich clearly sold out on the people that elected him when he chose to follow the rest of the Democratic sheep in Washington in voting for the infamous Health Care bill. During his campaign he said time and time again that he would not simply vote along with the other tax and spend Democrats in Washington. We now know how good his promises are. - More...
Thursday PM - January 28, 2010

letter"City to investigate recovery clinic" By Joey Tillson - I'm writing in reference to Juneau Empire's January 7th, 2010 article "City to investigate recovery clinic". I worked for Bartlett Hospital Rainforest Recovery (previously Juneau Recovery Hospital) as their receptionist in 2002 and then Insurance Verification, Medical Biller, Financial Counselor in 2003 until the middle of 2005 so I have some knowledge as to what the facility has gone through, including a name change in the hopes of keeping the facility afloat for Southeast Alaska. Bartlett Hospital and the Rainforest Recovery Center inspired me to get my degree in Health Care Administration. - More...
Thursday PM - January 28, 2010

letterHaiti, a Lesson for All of Us By Michael Spence - For a few brief moments, the American people had their attention diverted to the utter chaos and suffering in Haiti following a devastating earthquake. Before the earthquake, Haiti was the poorest nation in the western hemisphere. Now it is even poorer. Most scholars agree that the problems with delivering aid to Haiti, and the slim chance of a healthy recovery from this latest disaster, can be blamed on bad governance . In the case of Haiti, bad governance is a simplified term, generalizing its long history of dictatorships, corrupt politicians, and oligarchic control of the nation that concentrates fifty percent of its wealth to one percent of its population. - More...
Thursday PM - January 28, 2010

letterOpen letter to Senator Bingaman: Sealaska Bill By Alan Stein - I submitted testimony for the record when the committee you chair heard the bill Senators Murkowski and Begich introduced re handing over Federal Land on Prince of Wales Island to Sealaska Corp, a private interest. - More...
Thursday PM - January 28, 2010

letterConcerned Citizen By Terri Anderson - Wow, I read your letter and you definately have some pent up anger. There are counselors out there that will help you. You should be careful with the word ignorant. - More...
Thursday PM - January 28, 2010

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