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Bus shelter needed
By Lana Barr


February 04, 2010
Thursday AM

Walmart needs a bus shelter. There has been a need for one since the store opened eight years ago. Our Senior Citizens, mothers with small children and disabled people are among those who rely upon the borough bus for transportation. The Green line bus alone picks up passengers 103 times a week.

I worked at Walmart and rode the bus for over 5 years and saw first hand the need for a bus shelter. The bus almost always has passengers to pick up each hour it stops, sometimes up to 10 and more. My guess would be that Walmart is only 2nd in line to The Plaza mall stop, as far as how many passengers are picked up each day. When it's cold, raining, windy or snowing, you have no choice but to stand out in the weather, sometimes up to 20 minutes at a time. Try to imagine what it's like for a mother with small children, or an elderly person, or a person with a disability to have to wait in the snow in freezing weather or pouring down rain.

In September, 2007, I passed around a petition, of sorts, pleading for a bus shelter. In two days, over 100 people signed it. I then presented it to the Walmart store manager. I have also talked to Mike at the borough, the former bus manager and several of the bus drivers. Evidently, it is up to the borough AND Walmart to provide a bus shelter. Why hasn't this been taken care of? Walmart managers drive by the bus stop every day and are very aware of the fact their customers are out in the elements waiting for the bus. If Walmart can provide four vans to shuttle cruise ship crews to shop at their store during tourist season, why can't there be some kind of shelter for our citizens who shop year around? It just doesn't make sense to me and I'm sure most people would agree.

Lana Barr
Ketchikan, AK

About: "I rode the bus for several years while I was working for Walmart. I now work at Community Connections.I have tried to get a bus shelter @ Walmart for the last 3 years as I think one is needed there."

Received February 03, 2009 - Published February 04, 2010


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