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RE: Hydaburg School District
By Dorinda Sanderson


February 11, 2010
Thursday PM

My name is Dorinda Sanderson, my son is in the 3rd grade in Hydaburg City School. I must say that I am concerned now more than ever about my son's education.

First let me say: to the C.E.O of Hydaburg City School District, Please make sure you are spelling names correctly if you are intending to respond to letters. (correct spelling for Frances is with an "e" not an "i" which is used for males with the name Francis.) And you call yourself an educator?

Now that you have went on and on trying to explain yourself and "your significant other" on the districts costs, and your so called "saving of our school district" why don't you tell the truth on the total cost of you and her. I know it is more than what you would like people to believe. In the very least you can try to be honest with everyone.

I also know that in order for the school board to retain yourself and your "significant other" there will have to be yet another position cut at our school, which will ultimately affect our local employees, our very own people, such as it did last year, when you had to cut the classified employee's time in order to "save" money, as well as one certified teacher, then go on to hire a repair person, a lunch aide and who knows what else. Will our children have to suffer the loss of yet another certified teacher? Where will it stop? I think our school district and children would be better off if we consolidated with Southeast Island School District, because obviously our local management cannot live up to the task.

In response to the statement made by the C.E.O regarding "insults on the C.E.O & School board as well as "all the people of Hydaburg who voted for them", I would like to say that in my opinion, the only insult made is by you and your "followers". I never voted for any of those board members except one! Nor would I ever vote for those particular members. I honestly believe that if the people and parents of Hydaburg knew what the people they voted for would cost our children they would have voted differently.

I would like all concerned parents in Hydaburg contact me so we can finally organize a Concerned Parents Group to begin addressing all the concerns and problems at our school before it is too late for our children. my number is 285-3253.

Dorinda Sanderson
Hydaburg, AK

About: "I am a very Concerned Parent of a 3rd Grader in Hydaburg City School District"

Received February 11, 2009 - Published February 11, 2010


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