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Expensive advertising indoctrination
By Chas Edwardson


February 08, 2010
Monday PM

Twenty five thousand dollars were approved by city council unanimously for advertising indoctrination to sell the phone division of Ketchikan Public Utilities. How much was allocated out of my money to argue for the other side of the story, city council???

How many times is this going to go out to a vote? The state capitol move has been on the ballot ten times. It was not a good idea the first time it went out to a vote. My opinion is the phone division sale is the same situation.

'"COMPETITION" that is the biggest fear, millions in investments to stay with the "times" and up-to-date, blah, blah, ya whatever.

What makes you think that the new guys you hope to sell the utility to will not suffer the same problems??? How will a private company not have the same expenses?

You're going to lose local jobs if the utility sells. A private company will bring their own people and their own managers who have their own superintendents, who have their own foremen, who have their own preferred journeymen (who are the best in the business). They will not buy homes here or enroll their kids in our schools, or buy durable goods, four wheelers, boats, land houses, etc etc. because they are only here for five to ten years -- short timers in other words. The long term negative effects will be felt. I have no doubt on this.

Just an opinion unsolicited by 25,000 $$$$$$.

Chas Edwardson
Ketchikan, AK


Received February 07, 2009 - Published February 08, 2010


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