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The Political Pendulum
By Don Borders


February 05, 2010
Friday AM

Over the years I viewed the national political process to that of a grand father's clock pendulum swinging side-to-side with one side opposite of the other side's position. Over time, the motions of the two parties swinging side to side as the political winds prevail or blow, one finds common ground or most common bipartisan position somewhere between the left and the right. The pendulum analogy is sort of a "checks and balances" of two opposing sides of the same government.

As a pendulum swings side to side, you can observe it visiting three positions: left, right and center. For each time it is found left or right you also see it at center position. Therefore, the most common position is the center one, once for the left and once for the right. This never changes and if is to do so; the motion or the balance mechanism stops working. We have two political parties that govern this nation one to the left, one to the right. When one party or the other dominates the lawmaking process, the correction is bound to happen in time or through normal partisanship.

For the present time the current political process is stuck at the left position and it appears to have stopped by obstruction. If things do not turn to common ground, correction will most certifiably happen during fall congressional elections. If the current dominating party, the Democrats', in Super Majority power lock continues to freeze the political process in the extreme left, this party will continue to freeze the law making procedures. We, as the people, will pay dearly for the uncorrected, unbalanced and lopsided form of law making administration. I see the today's pendulum position domination as one of socialistic and politically communistic.

Sen. Begich, currently in his first year in national office, was elected by his campaign pledge to listen to Alaskans not the Washington DC, Democratic Party. I would like to know what happened. Who bought out or who sold out to the political platforms damaging position on the current health care bill? It's damaging to Seniors, Native Americans, young Alaskans and future generations of Alaskans who will either grow old with reduced health care or start their working careers with higher taxes. I question if Sen. Begich has read the health care bill or if he is hoping to place himself into further leveraging position(s) in Congress by compromising his vote at Alaskans' expense.

The current Super Majority continually spends more money than any other administration before it and the current sum exceeds all amounts spent in prior years up to date. (FYI, none or very little of the vast sums are actually going back into the pockets of the people taxed while taxation increases) Ignoring other parties' attempts to find common position on matters they, Democratic Party, are setting or calling for an overwhelming correction or change next fall.

I already cast my vote, what about you? See ya at the voting booths.

Don Borders
Ketchikan, AK

Received February 04, 2009 - Published February 05, 2010



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