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Concerned Citizen
By Terri Anderson


January 28, 2010
Thursday PM

Wow, I read your letter and you definately have some pent up anger. There are counselors out there that will help you. You should be careful with the word ignorant.

The difference between ignorant and another word, is ignorance is not knowing, stupidity is believing everything your told with no research to find out if it's true and then degrading someone elses opinion.

I think there is a mistrust with a lot of environmentalist groups, by there own doing. I have read lots of sales pitches to save the earth and I find a lot of them deceiving, some are not even true and I have seen families and communities here in SE torn apart by and financially ruined by the hands of environmentalist groups. Stretching the truth or plain lying to receive money to support a cause is just not right (and that is the motive of a lot of these so called earth savers - money). A lot of our active groups aren't even citizens of Alaska, many haven't even been here.

The "GREEN MOVEMENT" is a multi-billion dollar business in this country. These groups are funded privately and I'm sure they also receive federal dollars directly or indirectly through grants. Tax payers money, my money, your money. I don't want my tax dollars going toward funding these expeditions, these passions, these put your life on hold to save the world people. Let them go out and get a real job and pay there own way with their hobbies like the rest of us. I think people in SE have had environmentalists shoved down there throat for so long they are tired of it. These people are hard working people that just want to provide for their families. I have never known a rich logger, but I have seen some very rich environmentalists.

If you have a passion and believe in it great, but don't try and push it on the rest of us.

Oh, and my opinion is simple Example: Green Peace - Give me money (GREEN) and there will be peace. Extremists will never compromise, and well compromising is a fact of life, and nobody likes to be told what to do, so there will always be butting heads on this matter.

Question - do tree huggers use toilet paper (that's a lot of trees over a life time). If all the tree huggers quit using wood products, that wood chuck wouldn't have to chuck so much wood. Do as I say, not as I do, think about it. Sounds kinda of hypocritical, doesn't it.


Hypocrisy is the act of persistently pretending to hold beliefs, opinions, virtues, feelings, qualities, or standards that one does not actually hold. Hypocrisy is thus a kind of lie.

Maybe, if they practiced what they preached then, more people would believe in the "Cause".

Thanks for reading, God Bless all Hard Working Alaskans and their families. And well that's all I have to say about that.

Terri Anderson
Ketchikan, AK

About: " An Alaskan who belives that every Alaskan has the right to have a job to make enough money to feed their families without interference from extremist groups."

Received January 28, 2009 - Published January 28, 2010


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